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WG Midterm

midterm for world geo

The world's highest mountains are found in East Asia. What is the name of the range? Himalayas.
What land form, located north of the Tibetan Plateau, holds China's lowest point? Tarim Basin
Which of the following is NOT a river in China? Shang (Kulun Shan) River
What is the physical geography like in eastern China? Plains and river valleys
What is NOT true about China's early history? They were under constant attack by the invaders from the west.
n 1270 A.D., Genghis Kahn's invaders overthrew the Sung dynasty to rule China. Where were Genghis Khan and his invaders from? Mongolia.
What government did Mao Zedong change China into? Communist.
What is not true about Japan's physical geography? More than 70% of Japan is mountainous.
Which statement is most true about Korea's geography? It shares a border with China and Russia.
What is the action of Japan's tectonic plates? One tectonic plate is sliding under another.
During summer in Japan and the Koreas, moist Pacific winds sweep through the south. What effect do these winds have on the region? The summer months are monsoon seasons with heavy rains.
Which statement is not true of religion in North and South Korea? In South Korea, religious belief is less important than government control.
Which religion is an animist relgion? Shintoism
What language had major influence on the Japanese and Korean languages Chinese
What statement best describes the government in North Korea? It is an isolated country under a strict communist dictatorship.
How is South Korea compared to North Korea? South Koreans have many rights and freedoms not found in North Korea.
What is alluvial soil? Fertile soil deposited in floodplains
What river either drains or fills the Tonle Sap depending on the season? Mekong River.
What climate types are found in Southeast Asia? Tropical and Subtropical.
What does "arboreal" mean? "tree dwelling" as in "arboreal animals"
Whats the most important food in East and Southeast Asia? Rice
What is the name given to a chain or cluster of islands? Archipelago.
To a Buddhist, what is the cause of suffering? Desire.
what is nirvana? To acheive peace of mind, free from anger, desires, and affliction.
What items are commonly eaten in Japan? Tofu, Rice, and Fish.
What items are associated with China's Shang dynasty? Domesticated animals and chopsticks
What religions are associated with the Koreas? Buddhism, Confucianism, and christianity.
What is the difference between weather and climate? Weather is the condition of the atmosphere in a given time and place and climate is the conditions in a region over time.
What are two culture traits? Religion and food.
What does "Asian Tigers" mean? They are countries with high grow rates and rapid industrialization.
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