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earth shape-mapping-dimensions-2

shape of the earth -name or term oblate spheroid
90 N North Pole
0 Latitude Equator
shape of the Earth's shadow curved
these 3 tell us about the Earth's shape sailing ships, lunar eclipses, observing Polaris
this is true for all latitudes and longitudes in the USA latitudes are North, longitudes are West
0 Longitude the Prime Meridian
highest possible Latitude 90 degrees
highest possible Longitude 180 degrees
Parallel name for a line of Latitude
Latitude if you see Polaris at 42 degrees altitude 42 North
where Polaris is seen at the maximum altitude the North Pole- 90 N
this causes a lunar eclipse the Earth's shadow on the moon
the width of any "time zone" on the Earth 15 Longitude Degrees
direction that time gets earlier and earlier in the Westerly direction
time on the Prime Meridian is called also.. Universal Time
approximate circumference of the Earth - in km 40,000 km
approximate diameter of the Earth - in km 25,000 km
if you are at 30 degrees North Latitude, the Altitude of Polaris 30 degrees
the Earth's three "outer" spheres atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere
the name for the earth's MAXIMUM shadow into space umbra
the name for the PARTIAL shadow of the Earth in space penumbra
41 North and 74 West New York City Latitude and Longitude
this is why the earth bulges the Earth's rotation
this will be higher at the Poles and lower at the Equator because the Earth bulges [slightly] your weight [or, the force of gravity]
the name for the Earth's "rocky" outer sphere lithosphere
what appears to happen as ships sail into land/port they seem to rise [out of the water]
what appears to happen as ships sail out to sea they seem to sink [into the water]
Which is at 26N, 80W -Paris-FR, London-ENG, Greenwich-ENG, or Miami-FL-USA? Miami
If one city is 60 Longitude Degrees from another- their difference in TIME will be? 4 hours is the time difference here - 15 degrees per hour x 4 hours
Created by: castronovombhs