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hatchet reading olympic

what was the name of the main character? Brian Robeson
what type of plane was Bryan going in? A Cessna 406 - a bush-plane
How old was Brian? 13 years old
What did Brian learn in the plain? How to fly a plane.
what did Brian's mother give him as a parting gift? A hatchet
why didn't he get caught by the security? Because it was a bush flight from a small airport there was no security
Where was Brian going?And when? To meet his dad in the summer during the "visitation rights" period after the divorce.
What did Brian's father do for a living? He was a mechanical engineer ,working in the oil fields of Canada.
What happened to the Pilot during the flight? He had a heart attack
What did Brian do after the Pilot's heart attack? He tried to control the plane for some time which he could do, and then he tried to contact for help.
Did the people he contacted over the microphone could help? No, they could barely hear him and then the connection got lost.
Did Brian headed downward while the Gas was still there or he waited until the plane ran out of gas? He waited until the plane ran out of gas as he was to scared to do anything and he knew while he was flying atleast he was safe and alive.
Where did he wanted to land? ch - 3 At the edge of any lake.
Could he safely land on the lake? No,he was about to hit trees and crash but his luck held and he came into an open lane, a channel of fallen trees, a wide place leading to the lake.
What happened lastly while landing? A little speed was left, the plane hit the trees with a wild crashing sound, ripping of metal,slammed down onto the lake,water tore the windshield out and shattered the side windows. The plane crashed and sunk in the lake.
Hoe did he managed to get himself free? He released his seat belt,and somehow pulled himself out of the shattered front window tearing his windbreaker free.
What happened when he first came back to senses after the crash? Ch - 4 He raised himself and crawled out of the water,grunting with pain and then again he closed his eyes went back to deep sleep.
What did feel when woke up the next time? The sun was half way up,he felt all sore, and thousands of mosqitoes and black flies biting and stinging him.
What happened when the sun was up fully? The mosquitoes and flies disappeared suddenly.
What was the forest made up of mostly? pines and spruce,and some leafy trees which he thought might be aspen.
How did he felt when he got awake for the third time in the mid-afternoon? Ch - 5 He was unbelievably and viciously thirsty.His mouth was dry, tasted foul and sticky.
What did he do to quench his thirst? He drank a tons of the lake water until his stomach was swollen.
what happened immediately after he drank water? he was immediately sick and threw up most of the water.But his thirst was gone and the water seemed to reduce the pain in his head.
What was he hoping when he sat there and started recapping what happened with him? He was hoping the searchers would look for him.His Mother and father would be frantic. The searchers might even come that very day or within the next 1 or 2 days.
what food came to his mind in the first place after the crash? A juicy burger.
What was the name of the teacher who taught them to think positive and staying on top of the things? Brian's english teacher called mr. Perpich.
What made him think that they might not come looking for him for two or 3 days even? When i t came to his mind that the moment the pilot had his heart attck his right foot had jerked down on the rudder pedal and the plane had slewed sideways and assumed a new course. and afetr that Brian had flown hour after hour on the new course.
What did he use as his shelter?ch - 6 In the far side of the ridge it was scooped to make asideways bowl,back in under a made a perfect roof.
What he decided to do make him suitable as ashelter? he decided to wall off part of the bowl and leave an opening as a doorway.
What was the first food that Brian found after the crash? Berries.
How did he find the berries? A bunch of birds colored a bright slash in solid green drew his attention when he was on his way to look for berries,he followed them and saw that they were having berries.
Were the berries tasty? They were not sweet,had a tart flavour with large pits.
What happenen during the first night at his shelter? ch - 7. He was sick , vomitting and with terrible diarrhoea.
What was the 2nd food he got ? the raspberries.
how was the berries? they were full and ripe,and sweet with none of the problems of the gut cherries.
waht happened when he was picking more raspberries to save for later? He heard a noise to his rear and turned to see a bear.
What did the bear do? The bear stood on its hond legs, half up, studied Brian, just studied him, then lowered itself and moved slowly to the left, eating berries as it rolled along, wuffling.
what woke him up in the middle of the night at his shelter?ch - 8 A growl he thought, but it was the wind in the pines.
What happened when got awake? he was hit with a terrible smell,that made him think only of graves with cobwebs and dust and old deaths.
What was the smell all About? Something got inside his shelter, but it was too dark to see anythng.He heard the slithering brushing sound near his feet.
what did he do immediately after that? he kicked out as hard as he could and threw the hatchet at the sound.
what happened then? the hatchet missed , sailed into the wall where it hit the rocks with a shower of sparks, and his leg was instantly torn with pain, as if hundred needles has driven into it.
who or what was attacker? A porcupine.
How did he find out that? His legs had a group of needles stuck into the fleshy part of his calf, they were stiff and vey sharpon the ends that stuck out and thus he knew it was a porcupine that came into his shelter and when he kicked it the thing had slapped him with its tail .
How many quills got into his legs? eight.
What was the most imp. rule of survival he realised after the attack of porcupine? That feeling sorry for yourself did not work.It will accomplish nothing.
What made him think that he need a fire? To protect himself at night.
What was the 1st idea that clicked in hos mind to make a fire? He remembered that when the hatchet hit the stone wall it had showered sparks.So somehow he could get fire from the hatchet. The sparks would make fire.
What did he do with his 20 dollar bill?Ch - 9 He ripped it into tiny pieces , made a pile of pieces and hit sparks into them.
Did it work? No.They just wouldn't take the sparks.
What did he do next to make the fire? He started ripping the bark,cutting then in thin silver hairs to make home for the sparks.
When nothing worked what came into his mind? That to make fire there had to be air i.e , oxygen. bec, the fuel he has which was the bark.
Waht happened then? First it did not work as he blew too hard,but then with his gentle breath the sparks grew,and became worms, glowing red worms that crawled up the bark hairs,and suddenly burst into flame.
What did he realised when the fire was there? He realised that he had to feed the flames to keep it going.
What friend did he thought he had in the shelter? The fire. A hungry friend as it needed lots of wood to keep it going but a good friend who will give him company and protection at the same time.
What did he thought he could use as a means to make a signal? ch - 10 He thought he could carry a burning stick and build a signal fire on top of the rock, make clouds of smoke and perhaps attract attention.
Waht happenend to the fire when he was asleep? The fire had burned down.
Could he get it going once again? Yes with small pieces of wood and careful blowing he soon had a blaze going again.
What did he listened the next day night outside his shelter? Something slithering and being dragged across the sand.
where did the trail of the tracks lead to that was left behind by the unknown creature? Up from the water to a small pile of sand and then back into the water.
What did he find by digging into the sand pile? Eggs, many eggs, size of table tennis balls.
what did he decipher by seeing the eggs? That the creature was a Turtle.
How many eggs were there? 17
What did he thought of when he saw the eggs? Food , more food.
What did he do with the first egg? Using the hatchet he sharpened a stick and poked a hole in the egg,widened it with his finger , looked inside and looked out across the lake ,closed his eyes and sucked and squeezed the egg at the same time and swallowed as fast as he could.
How did it taste? It had a greasy,almost oily taste.
What did he do with the rest of the eggs? He ate six of them and saved the rest to eat only one a day.
what came to his mind when he saw the bird kingfisher? ch -11 when he saw the bird with afish in its mouth he thought of fish- more food.
How was he planning to cathch the fishes? He had no hooks, no strings but he could some how lure them into the shallows-and make a spear,a small fish spear.
did the fish spear worked?ch -12 No,the fish were just too fast.
what did he try to do with the spear? he first tried throwing it,then he tried lunging at them with the spear ready to thurst upon them, but nothing worked.
What did he do next to try to catch fish? he tried to make a bow and a n arrow,to spring the spear forward,someway to make it move faster than the fish.
What happenend while he was making the bow? He heard a persistent whine,a plane,far off but seemimg to get louder.
What did he do? He left everything and ran towards his shelter to signal them,get fire and smoke up.
What did he think about when he was running towards his shelter/ he thought he wld get the fire going and the plane wld see the smoke and will land on the water and the pilot will be amazed to see him alive,and would take him home,he will seat with his father, eat and tell him all the things that very night.
Did it happen like that? No,while he was building up the signal fire the sound moved away.
how did he felt when the plane was gone? He was totally broken, started to cry with no hopes left to be rescued.
What did brian thought he became after that day when the plane left? ch - 13 he thought he completely changed,he was a new brian now bec, lot had happened after that day which taught him alot and he was totally changed.
How many days were passed since the lane left without taking him? 42 days , he thought since he died and reborn as a new brian.
What did he want to do when the plane left without him? He wanted to die, cut himself with the hatchet and end everyhting.
Where did he spent that night? On the rock, up on the ridge.
Created by: akbasu
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