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Key Defense Mechani

Key Defense Mechanism - Sigmund Feud

Directing anger toward someone else or onto another, less threatening (safer) substitute Displacement Ex. An older employee is publicly embarrassed by a younger boss at work and angrily cuts of a driver on the way home.
Taking on attributes and characteristics of someone admired. This mechanism has pluses and minuses . Identification Ex. A young man joins the police academy to become a policeman like his father , whom he respects .
Excessive focus on logic and reason to avoid the feelings associated with situation. Intellectualization Ex. An exxecutive who has cancer requests all studies and blood work and discusses in detail with her doctor, as if she were speaking about someone else. Does not discuss feelings about the situation.
Attributing to others feelings unacceptable to self. Projection Ex. A group therapy client strongly dislikes another member but claims that it is the memeber who "dislikes her ."
Expressin an opposite feeling from what is acually felt and is considered undesirable. Reaction Formation Ex. John, who despises Jeremy , greets him warmly and offers him food and beverages and special attention.
Redirecting unacceptable feelings or drives into an acceptable channel . Sublimation Ex. A mother of a child killed in a drive-by shooting becomes involved in legislatie change for gun laws and gun violence .
Ritualistically negating or undoing intolerable feelings/ thoughts. Undoing Ex. A man who has thoughts that his father will die must step on sidewalk cracks to prevent this and cannot miss a crack . Ex. Yell at a child -feel sorry and give them candy to undo the wrong done.
Covering up a real perceived weakness by emphasizing a trait one considers more desirable Compensation Ex. A physically handicapped boy is unable to play sports, so he compensates by becoming a great scholar.
Integrating the beliefs and values of another individual into one's own ego structure Introjection Children integrate their parents value system into the process of conscience formation. A child says to friend, " Don't cheat. It is wrong !"
Separating a thought or memory from the feeling tone or emotion associated with it Isolation Without showing any emotion, a young woman describes being attacked and raped.
Attempting to make exuses or formulate logical reasons to justify unacceptable feelings or behaviors Rationalization John tells the rehab nurse, " I drink because its the only way I can deal with my bad marriage and my worse job."
Responding to stres by retreating to an earlier level of development and comfort measures associated with that level of funcioning. Regression When 2 year old Jay is hospitalized for tunsillitis he will drink only from a bottle , although his mather states he has been drinking from a cup for 6 months.
Involuntarily blocking unpleasant feelings and experiences from one's awareness Repression An accident victim can remember nothing about the accident.
The valuntary blocking of unpleasant feelings and experiences from one's awareness Suppression Scarlett O'Hara says , " I dont want to think about that now . I will think about that tomorrow.
Refuses to accept a painful reality , pretending as if it doesn't exist. Main in addiction - protective Denial Ex. A man who snorts cocaine daily, is fired for attendance problems yet insists he does not have a problem .
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