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Biology Exam I


The majority of chemical digestion occurs as a result of the secretions made by the: pancreas.
In the large intestine: water is absorbed, returning it to the blood.
The following pairs link a human gland with the hormone(s) it secretes. Which paring is in correct? adrenal cortex: adrenaline
Which of the following cell types is not matched with an appropriate function? Osteoclasts: build bone matrix.
Which of the following statements is false about cortisol (an example of a glucocorticoid)? It is released from the adrenal medulla.
Why are the bacteria that normally grow on your skin and in your gut important for your health? They take up space and consume nutrients that might otherwise be used by disease-causing bacteria.
Which item associated with muscle is not matched properly? Acetylcholine (Ach): acts as the neuromuscular junction to cause release of ATP.
Which of the following accessory structures of the skin is not matched properly? Sebaceous glands: produce sebum which causes acne.
The cells in your stomach lining that secrete mucus are most likely made of: Simple cuboidal cells.
Bisphenol A has been shown to mimic the hormone estrogen. What effects on animals would you predict from exposure to this chemical? Increase of female sexual characteristics in males.
Your daily patterned behaviors (including sleep) are regulated by the hormone ____________ which is secreted _______________. melatonin; at night.
Which of these is not true regarding endocrine disrupters? They only have short term reversible effects; no long term effects have been observed.
In terms of UV skin damage and skin cancer, which statement is false? Tanning beds are much safer at preventing skin damage because they use UVA.
Which hormone is improperly matched? Calcitrol: decreases calcium levels in the blood.
Which of these digestive disorders is not matched correctly? Gallstones - fiber gets too concentrated and crystallizes.
While running a marathon, the most likely source of energy is ___________ and the most active muscles would be relying on ______________ muscle cells. Aerobic respiration; slow oxidative.
Which statement is correct concerning hyperglycemia? All of the above. It can be a symptom of diabetes. It could be induced by a lack of insulin production. It could be induced by excessive glucagon production. It could be the result of malfunctioning insulin receptors.
Your aunt has just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Of the following structures listed, which one could not be a factor in her hypothyroidism? Posterior pituitary.
A person is on medication to increase the pH of their stomach. A side effect is that the increased pH causes the normal stomach enzymes to be unable to function. Which component of this person's diet may not be completely digested? Carbohydrates.
Protein digestion begins in the ___________; carbohydrates digestion begins in the ___________ and lipid digestion begins in the _______________. Oral cavity, stomach, small intestine.
How is fatty acid absorption different from the absorption of other nutrients? They diffuse into lymph vessels; other nutrients diffuse into blood vessels.
Your aunt has suffered a "slipped disc" in her back. The type of tissue causing the disc problem is: Fibrocartilage.
Most of the testosterone made by a male is secreted from the testes. However, women also produce testosterone although they obviously don't have testes! What endocrine gland secretes testosterone (or its precursor) in women? Adrenal cortex.
Which of these individuals would be unlikely to continue growing (having their bones lengthen)? Someone with sealed epiphyseal plates.
Which disorder of the integumentary system is not matched with an appropriate feature of that disorder? Warts: a bacterial infection that causes overgrowth of epidermal cells.
Which of the following would help you identify an unknown cell type as connective? The presence of collagen fibers.
Blood samples from an individual who has just eaten a meal should show: High levels of insulin and low levels of glucagon.
Which of the following is not a typical step of repair for bone injuries? All of these are typical steps for bone repair. Development of a cartilage callus. Inflammation. Formation of granulation tissue. Formation of a blood clot.
Taking aspirin or any NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) influences the activity of: Prostaglandins.
Which of these disorders is properly matched with a key feature of the disorder? Osteomyelitis: an infection of bone caused by Staphylococcus aureus which can survive inside bone cells.
John is using Weight Watchers to assist in weight loss. The type of tissue John is eager to lose is: Adipose.
Stem cells and melanocytes are found in the ________________ layer of the skin. Epidermis.
After a serious tissue injury, scar tissue is formed. Which statement is false concerning scar tissue? It lacks blood vessels and heals slowly.
Why is malignant melanoma so dangerous? Because it can metastasize quickly.
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