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Lesson vocab 9

Bilingual having or using two languages
dreary gloomy,sad,or dull
glutton a person who overeats: a greedy eater
incomprehensible not understandable
infancy babyhood; early period of existence or development
instinct a natural knowledge, feeling, or way of acting that is not learned but, is present from birth: a natural, inner force.
knowledgeable having knowledge: intelligent
manipulate to work with the hands or with a machine, especially with skill; to manage or control cleverly, often by cheating or being tricky
mimic to copy or imitate very closely; to make fun of by imitating; one who mimics
mystify to bewilder or puzzle
quake to shake or tremble
shun to avoid completely; to keep away from
summon to call or send for; to call together
zeal a strong, eager desire or effort; great enthusiasm
glint a beam, glow, flash
Created by: fvazquez841