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BMI A formula to asses body weight in relation to height .Weight in kilograms is divided to height in metres squared (Kg/m2)
Behavioural determinants Actions or patterns of living of an individual or a group that impact health such as smoking,sexual activity participation in physical activity , eating practises
Sun protection behaviour adjustable it's easy to avoid, skin cell damage leads to cancer most common for youth is Melanoma 45% do not follow 3 protective factors.
Substance use Tobacco - most common used for youth Short terms = Loss of fitness , respiratory problems (short of breath ) Long terms : Lung cancer. throat , mouth
Sexual practises STI and pregnancy USE PROTECTION ;)
Food Intake Malnuration ( defiency in nutrients) Eating the right diet and right nutrients everyday. Obeisity fat people blah blah
Developing/maintaining friendships Good self esteem Encouraging you to try out new things Peer pressure
Physical activity Maintain a good BMI lack of activeness can lead to being obeise or overweight wrong nutrients gives a higher risk of diabetes
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