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Science Test for 5th

Help to study levers and pulleys

SF/SM down has how many supporting ropes? 2
SF/SM down is how many times easier to lift the load? 2
SF/SM up has how many supporting ropes? 3
SF/SM up is how many times easier to lift? 3
Diagram-a _______ that describes the ________ of all the parts of a system drawing realationship
A ________ uses a system of symbols and conventions to communicate information about lever design diagram
Class 1 levers have the ____ in the middle and the load and effort at the ends. fulcrum
Class 2 levers have the _____ in the middle and the fulcrum and the effort at the ends. load
Class 3 levers have the _____ in the middle and the fulcrum and the load at the ends. effort
Levers can be set up in _ basic ways. Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 3
The F,L, and E stand for the part of the lever system that is in the _________ of the lever. middle
When using the spring scale to measure effort needed with the lever, you must add _____________ to your reading, because the ____ of the spring scale is already exerting 0.5 newtons on the lever. 0.5 newtons weight
The _______ needeed to lift the load decreases as the load gets _______ to the fulcrum: the effort ________ as the load gets farther from the _________. effort, closer, increases,fulcrum
Two- coordinate graphs show ___________ between two variables and can be used to make ____________ relationships, predictions
Advantage is a __________ obtained by using a lever (or other simple machine.) benefit
The __________ the effort is from the fulcrum, the easier it is to lift the load. farther
The ______ of the load remains the ____, but the effort needed to lift it varies depending on ______ the effort is applieid on the lever arm weight, same, where
A lever can make load ______ to lift, it can ___ loads, and it _______ the effort easier, move, reduces
In a lever system the farther from the ______ the effort is applied, the _______ the advantage is to the lever user. fulcrum, greater
Effort- the _______ needed to move a ____ or overcome a __________. force, load, resistance
Effort is measured in ________. (N) newtons
Lever- a _____ __________ that people use to gain a _________ ___________, such as making work _______. simple machine, mechanical advantage, easier
lever arm- a stick or beam free to ________ at a point. pivot
___________- the point where the lever arm pivots fulcrum
load- the _____ lifted or the __________ overcome by a lever. mass, resistance
Single fixed has how many supporting ropes? 1
Single fixed is how many times easier to lift? 1
Single movable has how many supporting ropes? 2
Single movable is how many times easier to lift? 2
A pulley is a wheel with a grooved rim in which a rope can run to change the _______ of the pull (force) that lifts a load direction
A fixed pulley has a wheel that is attached to something _______. above the load
A movable pulley has a wheel that is attached to __________. the load
Mechanical advantage reduces the _____ (force) needed to lift a load or overcome a resistance' it results from using a simple machine effort
Directional advantage is a change in _________ that results from passing a rope through a pulley direction
A single pulley can be set up as a ___________ pulley or a __________ pulley to lift a load. fixed, movable
Single fixed pulley changes the __________ of the effort direction
Single movable pulley reduces the _______ need to lift the load effort
Simple machine- any of the ___ basic devices that provide ___________ or other advantage, such as pulleys and levers six,mechanical
two pulleys can provide greater ______________ advantage than one when lifting loads mechanical
what are the six basic machines? lever, pulley, wheel and axel, inclined plane, wedge, screw
The benefits gained by using simple machines are always balanced by ________. When the benefits outweigh the cost, the machine is a __________ tool. costs, useful
In a lever system and a pulley system, a reduction in effort is balanced by the __________ over which the effort must act. distance
**Work= Force x ________** Distance
Work is measured in_______. (J) Joules
Created by: dkt101