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What is a barometer? An instrument that measures air pressure.
What is the aneroid barometer? A more compact barometer design, which works without a meter-long tube of mercury.
What is wind? Generally the horizontal motion of air across the Earth's surface.
What is an anemometer? A device that measures wind speed in kilometers per hour, miles per hours, meters per second, or knots.
What does the wind vane determine? Determines wind direction; the standard measurement is taken 10m above the ground to reduce the effaces of local topography on wind direction.
What is Pressure Gradient Force? It drives air from ares of higher barometric pressure to areas of lower barometer pressure, thereby causing wind.
What is the Coriolis Force? A defective force, makes wind that travels in a straight path appear to be deflected in relation to Earth's rotating surface.
What is Friction Force? Drags on the wind as it moves across surfaces; it decreases with height about the surface.
What is an isobar? An isoline plotted on a weather map to connect points of equal pressure.
What are geostrophic winds? Are characteristics of upper tropospheric circulation.
What do you call Northern Hemisphere winds that spiral out from a high-pressure area clockwise form? Anticyclones
What do you call Northern Hemisphere winds that spiral into a low-pressure area counterclockwise form? Cyclones
What is the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)? The combination of heating and convergence forces air aloft.
What are trade winds? Winds converging on the equatorial low=pressure trough.
Where does the polar jet stream meander between? 30 degrees and 70 degrees North latitude
What results from when mountain air cools rapidly at night, and valley air gains heat energy rapidly during the day? Mountain and valley breezes
What are katabatic winds also known as? Gravity drainage winds
How does an upwelling current occur? When surface water is swept away from a coast, either by surface divergence or by offshore winds.
Is thermohaline circulation different from wind-driven surface currents? Yes.
How are Rossby waves formed? By vast, flowing, longwave, undulation in the upper westerlies.
What happen during a downwelling current? There is an accumulation of water, the excess water gravitates downwards.
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