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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 27

NOVUS new (L)
ORDO/ORDINIS row, array, command (L)
SAECULUM age, century (L)
PRIMUS first (L)
SECUNDUS second (L)
TERTIUS third (L)
QUARTUS fourth (L)
novel (noun) a fictitous story of book length; (adjective) of a new kind or nature, not previously known
novice a beginner, an inexperienced person
novelty new in character and originality; a new or unusual occurrence
supernova a star that suddenly increases in brightness and then explodes
order everything in its place; tidiness; a group, religious or other, living by the same rules; a command
ordinary regular, normal, customary, usual
ordinance an authoritative order; a decree
extraordinary out of the ordinary; remarkable
secular worldly as opposed to ecclesiastical or church-related
secule period of geologic time corresponding to strata in rocks
primary first in time or order of development; earliest; main
prime number number that can be divided only by itself and 1
primitive the conditions of life in earliest times before technology
second immediately following the first in order or rank; damaged or flawed new merchandise
second a 60th of a minute
second hand the hand marking second on a clock
tertiary third in order
tertiary color color produced by mixing two secondary colors
tertial (ornithology) the third row of feathers in the wing of a bird
quart one fourth of a gallon
quarter horse strong, fast horse trained to race a quarter of a mile
quarter note musical note held for 1/4 of the time of a whole note
quarterly recurring every three months; 1/4 of a year
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