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Korean 750 - 1000

Korean vocab from text book

to do the ironing 다리미을하다
all together 모두
to write an email 이메일을쓰다
close friend 친한친구
the weather is good 날씨가좋아요
It’s windy 바람이불어요
It’s raining 비가와요
to worry 걱정하다
to review 복습하다
warm water 따뜻한물
to take an exam 시험을보다
Be sure to come tomorrow 내일학교에꼭오세요
please come in 들어오세요
What should I do? 어떻게해요?
to do homework 숙제하다
to receive 받다
to watch a movie 영화를보다
to teach Japanese 일본어를가르치다
to borrow a book 책을빌리다
to learn Korean 한국어를 배우다
gym 체육관
airport 공항
to come to ~ 에오다
which, what 무슨
last year 작년
this year 올해
next year 내년
to be sick, to be ill 아프다
to get married 결혼을하다
to do the laundry 빨래하다
to cook 요리하다
to clean 청소하다
to graduate from school 학교를졸업하다
to invite 초대하다
meeting place 약속장소
above, on
below, under 아래
in front of, ahead of
beside, next to
inside, in
between 사이
left 완쪽
near, nearby 근처
key 열쇠
convenience store 편의점
to take a walk 산책하다
to arrive 도작하다
to play basketball 농구하다
sport 운동
to swim 수영하다
to play baseball 야구하다
to play soccer 축구하다
to do taekwondo 태권도를하다
to play golf 골프를치다
to play ping-pong 탁구를치다
to play tennis 테니스를치다
to ski 스키를타다
foreign country 위국
to sing 노래하다
to guide 안내하다
to attend in order to learn 배우러다니다
to have a lot (work) to do 일이많다
lets play tennis together later 나중에 우리같이테니스쳐요
When you have free time, what do you do? 시간이있을때뭐하세요
How have you been these days 요즘어떻게지내세요
High school 고등학교
self-introduction letter 자기소개서
major 전공
letter 편지
program 프로그램
to drive 운전하다
trading company 무역회사
of course, certainly 물론
every school vacation 방학때마다
various, diverse 여러가지
to study hard 열심히공부하다
to attend an academy 학원에다니디
please treat me well 잘부탁드립니다
tennis court 테니스장
leaving one’s office 퇴근
to introduce 소개하다
to start, to begin 시작하다
to be kind 친절하다
to make an introduction 소개해주다
exit 2 of Sinchon station 신촌역 2 번출구
early 일찍
of course, naturally 그럼요
see you tomorrow 내일만나요
to go sight seeing 놘광하다
to drive, to go for a drive 두라이브하다
to hike up a mountain 등산하다
to take a walk 산책하다
to play a game 게임을하다
to take a photograph 사진을찍다
to go on a picnic 소풍을가다
to play, to have fun 놀다
school holidays 방학
work holidays 휴가
new year (lunar) 설날
to rest 쉬다
to make 만들다
to rise, to get up 일어나다
the flower is beautiful 꽃이아름다워요
raw crab marinated in soy sauce 간장게장
scallops 가리비
ray, usually served raw 홍어
mixed raw-fish platter 모듬회
grilled prawns 새우구이
cabbage kimchi 배추김치
spicy chicken pieces grilled with vegetables and rice 닭갈비
port ribs 돼지갈비
black pig 흑돼지
spicy chicken pieces with noodles 찜닭
roasted chicken 통닭구이
cold noodles with meat and sauce 비빔냉면
noodles in black bean sauce 자장면
fried rice 볶음밥
stone pot bibim bap 돌솥비빔밥
steamed rice 공기밥
rice porridge
fried kimchi rice 김치볶음밥
custard filled dessert 베리만주
dog-meat soup 보신탕
spicy chicken and potato soup 닭도리탕
bean sprout soup (hangover soup) 해장극
spicy fish soup 매운탕
duck soup 오리탕
ginseng chicken soup 삼계탕
army base soup 부대찌개
barley tea 보리차
fermented rice wine 동동주
ginseng liquor 인삼주
green plum liquor 매실주
to think 생각하다
to ask 물어보다
to get up 일어나다
meal 식사
bamboo 대나무
bamboo flute 대금
dog meat soup 2 영양탕
to practice 연습하다
grammar 문법
vocabulary 단어
expressions 표현
ancient times 옛날
culture 문화
suit 양복
I have 5 books and a dictionary in my bag 가방 안에 책 다섯권하고 사전도 있어요
I didn’t go 가지않았어요
I will not go 가지않을거예요
No, I didn’t learn Japanese 아니요, 일본어를배우지않았어요
to go sightseeing 관광하다
to drive, to go for a drive 드라이브하다
to hike up a mountain 등산하다
to take a walk 산책하다
to play a game 게임을하다
to go on a picnic 소픙을가다
to have a drink (alcohol) 술한잔하다
to have a one’s evening meal 저녁을먹다
to have a cup of tea 차한잔하다
to go to a concert 콘서트에가다
to play ping-pong 탁구를치다
Shall we have lunch together? 같이 점심 먹을까요?
Shall we have a cup of tea? 차한잔할까요
younger sibling 동생
Is the bus station close by? 버스 정류장이 가까워요?
test, exam 시험
to help 도와주다
to prepare 준비하다
to work at a part-time job 아르바이트하다
Mmm... I don’t know yet 글쎄요, 아직 잘모르겠어요
tree 나무
gift, present 선물
we 우리
to win 이기다
to answer, to respond 대답하다
to receive 받다
to be spacious, to be wide 넓다
and then, and after that 그다음에
all together 다같이
only the two of (us) 둘이서만
deliciously 맛있게
plan 계획
south, the south side 남쪽
to try to find 찾아보다
to be famous 유명하다
to be special 특별하다
airplane ticket 비행기표
yet 아직
friends 친구들
specially 특히
lets look for (sth) together 같이찾아봐요
I’m not sure about that 그건잘모르겠어요
I don’t have any special plans yet 아직특별한계획은없어요
because I caught a cold 감기에걸려서
because I’m in bad health 건강이안좋아서
because I’m tired 너무피곤해서
because I have another appointment 다른약속이있어서
because I have a headache 머리가 아파서
because I’m busy 바빠서
because I have a stomach ache 배가 아파서
because I have a lot of homework 숙제가 많아서
because I don’t have time 시간이 없어서
because I’ll take an exam 시험이 있어서
because I have something to do 일이생겨서
written translation 번역
document, paper 서류
to finish, to end 끝내다
to rest 쉬다
to need, to require 필요하다
to be on a diet, to diet 다이어트를하다
to gain weight 살이찌다
sports match, game 경기
man, sir, Mr. 아저씨
soccer 축구
repair center (After Service) A/S 센터
to fix 고치다
to come back to 돌아오다
to win 이기다
early 일찍
to break, to malfunction 고장이나다
to be feeling good 기분이 좋다
I will be there before 6 o’clock 여섯시까지가겠늡니디
public telephone 공중전화
street, road
coin 동전
birthday card 생일카드
to be late 늦다
to bring (sth) with 가지고오다
to be jammed, blocked (traffic) 길이 막히다
There are many cars (on the road) 차가 많다
so what? 그래서, 뭐요?
Yes...?; And...? 그런데요?
kalbi 갈비
Korean grilled pork 삼겹살
mixed dish of vegetables and meat 잡채
soy sauce 간장
sesame oil 참기름
spring onions
garlic 마늘
to roast, to grill 굽다
to put in 넣다
to mix 섞다
to be sweet 달다
to be spicy hot 맵다
to be sour 시다
to be bitter 쓰다
to be oily 기름이 많다
homework 숙제
ingredients 재료
cooking instructions 요리방법
excuses 이유
location, place 위치
to watch, to go sightseeing 구경을하다
in a little while 이따가
to write an email 이메일을쓰다
please tell me, teach me 가르쳐주세요
please help me 도와주세요
please speak to me 말해주세요
May I borrow? 빌려주세요
please guide me 안내해주세요
I will help you soon 조금이따가 도와줄게요
please recommend 추천해주세요
beef 소고기
cooking 오리
to ask a favour, make a request 부탁하다
to be happy, pleased 기쁘다
everyday 날마다
first, ahead 먼저
to make and give to 만들어 주다
How do you make it? 어똫게만들어요?
delivery 배달
pharmacy 약국
Korean restaurant 한식집
to give an order 시키다
to bring/take and give 갖다주다
one more 하나더
one bowl 한그릇
two servings 2 인분
Yes, what? 네? 왜요?
Mmm, I’m not sure 음, 글쎄요
Just a minute 잠깐만요
do you deliver now? 지금배돼요?
location, place 위치
boarding house 하숙집
to move 이사하다
to be close 가깝다
to be far 멀다
to be big 크다
to be small 작다
to be warm 따뜻하다
to be cold 춥다
to be silent 조용하다
to be noisy 시끄럽다
advertisement 광고
pronunciation 발음
to be different 다르다
on foot 걸어서
directly in front of 바로앞
to look around a room 방을구경하다
whenever 언제든지
to use the Internet 인터넷을하다
of course 그럼요
please come in 어서들어오세요
where is the place 위치가 어디예요?
culture 문화
gym 체육관
term, semester 학기
now 이제
often 자주
three months ago 세달전
to be enjoyable 마음에들다
to introduce 소개하다
to be late 지각을하다
price cost 가격
airport 공항
to wait 기다기다
to arrive 도착하다
to buy and give 사다주다
to depart, to leave 출발하다
warm clothes 두꺼운옷
children 아이들
Korean time 한국시간
see you then 그때봐요
Really? 정발요?
are you ready? 준비 다했어요?
ah - an utterance similar to ‘wait’ or ‘hey’ when remembering something
to make 담그다
made 담갔어요
soy bean paste 된장
I can’t make 담글수업서요
difficult (physically) 힘들어요
to understand 이해하다
I would like to understand Korean TV 한국TV프로그램이해하고싶어요
to turn on 겨다
Please turn the light on 불을켜주세요
to turn off 끄다
close (the window) 닫다
for a long time 오랫동안
lower the volume 작은소리
hungry/famished 고프다
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