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chap 6 and 7

values, ethics, and advocacy

advocy the protection and support of another's rights.
autonomy (self determination) respect right of patients to make healtcare decisons
beneficence benefit the patients. and balance benefits against risks and harms.
care-based approach directs attention to the specific situations of individual patients viewed w/in the context of their life narrative
clinical ethics branch of bioethics concerned w/ethical problems "at the beside" that is, ethical concerns that arise w/in the context of caring for actual patients.
ethical dilemma when attempted adherence of basic ethical principles results in two conflicting courses of actions
ethical distress the nurse knows the right thing to do but factors make it difficult to follow correct course of action.
ETHICS a systematic inquiry into principles of right and wrong conduct; virtue and vice, good and evil
feminist ethics a particular typeof ethical approach pepular among nurses. it aims to critique existing patterns of oppression and dominations in society,
fidelity keep promise
justice give each his or her due; and act fairly
morals personal or community standart of right and wrong.
nonmaleficence avoid causing harm
nursing ethics subset of biotethics, the formal study of ethical issues that arise in the practice of nursing and of the analysis used by nurses to make ethical judgments.
paternalism acting for the pqatient w/out their consent
principle-based approach combines elements of both utilitarian and deontologic theories and offers specific action guides for practice.
code of ethics set of principles that reflect the primary goals, values, and oblgations of the profession
value a belief about the worth of something, about what matters, that acts as a standard to guide one's behavior
value system an organization of values in which each is ranked along a continuum of importance, often leading to a personal code of conduct.
value clarification process by which people come to understand their own values and value system
bioethics ethics that encompass all those perspectives that seek to understand human nature and behavior, the domain of social science, and the natural world. (ex. stem cell research, cloning)
utilitarian the rightness or wrongness of an actions depends on the consequinces of the action.
deontologic an action is right or wrong independent of its consequences.
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