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Ch. 8,9,10

The mountains on the western edge of South America are the... Andes Mountains
The three highlands climate zones are determined by... Elevation
The pampas consist primarily of... Short grasses
The tropical climate of the Amazon Basin results form its location and... Amount of rainfall.
Latin America includes... Middle America, The Carribean, and South America.
The Amazon Basin contains the world's largest... Rain forest.
The Rio de la Plata is a large____where three rivers meet the Atlantic Ocean. estuary
The largest lake in Central America is Lake Nicaragua
Jai alai is a popular______in South America. Sport
When did most Latin American countries gain their independence? 1900's
The blending of beliefs and practices from different religioins is called... Syncretism
Who was Simon Bolivar? He was a Venezuelan who won freedom for Venezuela, Columbia, Equador, Peru, and Bolivia.
When did the Maya dominate southern Mexico? AD 250 to 900.
According to the Aztec, _____ was the "food of the gods" xocoatl, (chocolate)
Africans first came to Latin America as... Enslaved people
Where was the Aztec city of Tenochititlan located? Mexico City, Mexico
Some Latin America countries need debt relief because... Foreign debt has grown. The country's incomes fell.
Minifunida are farms... Intensively farmed by campesinos to feed thier own families.
When ranchers plant grass on butned rain forest lands, the grass... Dries out in four years.
Ciudad Juarez has many maquiladoras, or... Foreign manufacturing companies built in Latin America.
To finance industrial development, many countries in Latin America have had to... Combine necisary human and natural resouces with relatively stable government and active business communities.
The ______ are the world's largest Mountain Range Andes Mountains
The continent of ________ is the largest land area of Latin American. South America
The ______ are a chain of volcanic mountains in Cental America Central Highlands
The _______ and llanos are grasslands in South America. Pampas
Major deposits of _______ are found in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean Sea. Oil
Electricity created by harnessing the power of flowing river water is called... Hydroelectric power
The tropical highlands are divided into three zones based on latitude and _______. Climate
A trans-Andean highway links cities in Chile and _______. Argentina
Cutting and clearing rainforests is known as ________. Deforestation
Latin American countries with skilled workers and many ________ are industrializing rapidly. Resources
Shantytowns are known as _______ in Sao Paulo. Favelas
Latin American countries have begun to reverse _________ through education and economic imporvements. Quality of Life
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