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Latin Roots - Englis

latin roots

act to do
alt high
anima life
ann year
aqua water
arm army
art craft
aud to hear
bell war
cede to go
cele honor
cent one hundred
cept to take hold
cert to be sure
cess, ced to go
cid to cut off
circ around
clin to lean
cog to think
comput to compute
cor heart
corp body
cred to believe
crit to seperate
culp fault
curs to run
custom one's own
dent tooth
dic to say
duct to lead
dur hard
ego I
equ equal
fac to make
fer to carry
fid trust
fin end
flu to flow
form form
fort strong
frig cool
fum smoke
gen race
grad step
grat pleasing
grav heavy
hab to have
hom man
hosp guest
host enemy
init to begin
jur law
juven young
labor work
lat lateral
laud praise
leg law
lev to make light
liber free
lingu tongue
loc place
locu word
luc light
manu hand
mar sea
med middle
medic physician
memor mindful
mon to remind
ment mind
migr to move
mit to send
mort death
mov to move
mut change
necess unavoidable
noc, nox, harm
noc, nox night
nomen name
null nothing
ord to put in order
par to arrange
part portion
ped foot
pend to weigh
pli to fold
plur more
port to carry
pos to place
pot powerful
prim first
priv seperate
prov to prove
reg to rule
rupt to break
sacr sacred
sat enough
sci to know
scrib to write
sed to sit
sent to feel
sequ to follow
simil like
sol alone
somn sleep
son sound
spec to see
spond to pledge
tac silent
temp time
ten to hold
tend to stretch
termin boundry
test to witnest
tract to pull
trib give
vac empty
ven to come
ver truth
vers to turn
vest garment
vestig to track
via way
vir manliness
vis to see
viv life
voc voice
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