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medsurg test 3

lawson care of the ct. with pneumonia

which of the following clients have an increased risk for developing pneumonia? select all that apply -ct who has dysphagia -ct. who has AIDS -ct who has a closed head injury and is receiving ventilation -ct who has myasthenia gravis
scenario: nurse is caring for ct. 76 y.o F. husband states his wife woke up this morn and did not recognize him or know where she was. Ct. reports chills and chest pain that worsens with inspiration
Based on scenario which of the following is the highest priority nursing task? obtain baseline VS and O2 sat
VS: T 99.1, RR 30/min, BP 130/76mm Hg, P 110/min, SaO2 91% on room air. using a sacle of 1-4 prioritize the following nursing interventions 1. administer O2 therapy 2. perform a sputum culture 3. administer antibiotics as prescribed 4. administer an antipyretic medication to promote client comfort
nurse caring for ct. who has pneumonia and has a prescription for prednisone (deltasone). the nurse should monitor for which of the following? select all that apply -fluid retention -hyperglycemia -fever -black, tarry stools
CAP: streptococcal pneumonia gram +, nonmotile, resides in UR tract
CAP:mycoplasma "walking pneumonia" -spreads through out entire resp. tract -insidious onset *most often in older kids and young adults
CAP: H influenzae frequently affects elderly chronic illnesses (DM, COPD) *tx: ampicillin
CAP: viral pneumonia "walking pneumonia" -influenza types A&B, adenovirus, parainfluenza, coronavirus & cytomegalovirus *Tx: amatadine
HAP: staphylococcal occurs through inhalation of organism or spread through blood
which type of pneumonia is more common? Lobar pneumonia or bronchopneumonia Bronchopneumonia
cause of influenza orthomyxoviruses: type A, B, C
Created by: lissy11