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cognition 1


broad term used for a syndrome that involves a slowly progressive chronic confusion dementia
the most common form of dementia alzheimer's disease
an acute state of confusion delerium
delerium is usually reversible within ______ wks 3
in addition to cognitive changes associated with delerium , pts may also be _________ hyperactive or hypoactive
a _______ is a mental health condition charecterized by delusions, hallucinations, illuions, disorganized behavior, and difficulty relating to others psychosis
firm ideas and beleifs not founded in reality delusions
perceptions of seeing hearing or feeling something that is not there hallucinations
distorted perceptions of actual sensory stimuli illusions
an extreme suspicion and delusion that they are being followed and that others are trying to harm them paranoia
the most common psychotic disorder schizophrenia
excessive or added behaviors that are not normally seen in mentally healthy adults positive symptoms
the loss of normal function normally seen in mentally healthy adults negative symptoms
for some people with shizophrenia, there is defeciency of _____ _______ in the hippocampus nicotinic receptors
individuals with schizophrenia have a 20% shorter ________ _______ than the general populations life expectancy
S/E of antipsychotic medication include ? weight gain and metabolic syndrome
when clients have symptoms that appear to be a mixture of schizophrenia and mood disorders. schizoaffective disorders
the rapid onset of psychotic symptoms that lasts at least 1 day but less than 1 month, after which the person returns to the premorbid level of functioning breif psychotic disorder
conditionsame as breif psychotic disorder but symptoms last at least 3-6 months and 2/3rds of pts progress to schizophrenia schizophreniform disorder
when a person in a close relationship with another person who is delusional comes to share the delusional beleifs shared psychotic disorder
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