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Science Notes Ch 2

What couldn't robotic space probes that were sent into space do Space probes could not feel like how it felt like to be in space even a telescope can provide a better view than they could
The moon revovles in a closed path around Earth and earth is it's only natural satellite
The moon's path around Earth is it's orbit
Earth rotates around an imaginary line called a(n) axis
When does an eclipse occur When the Earth or moon passes into each others shadow
Earth is one of ___ planetsvthat orbit the sun 8
other objects in the solar system include: thousands of rocks called asteroids and balls of ice and rock called comets
Each point in Earth's orbit at which the daylight hours are at their greatest or fewest is.Each point at which they are equal is called the a solstice,equinox
Earth and the moon are both made of rock
The 3 main types of landforms on the moon are: highlands, craters, and marias
The moon landing were part of the Apollo Space Exploration
The first artificial satelite launched into space was sputnick
The order in which things were used to study space is: telescope, satelite, space probe, and space shuttle
The first americans were sent into space in the Mercury Program
The first scientist to use a telescope to observe space was Galileo
Time keeping on Earth is based on Earth's time zone
The symbol 5 in a diagram represents: rotation
Dotted lines around a figure in space represents it's orbit
Why does a total solar eclipse block all of the sun from the earth Because the moon is directly in front of the sun, completely covering it except for a small area around the edges
Created by: victoriag