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Ch. 9

Financing and Governing America's Schools

What did colonial towns and districts do to raise money for schools? issued a property tax
What court case struck down the state's financing system as unconstitutional? A)Serrano v. Priest B)San Antonio v. Rodriguez C)Serrano v. Rodriguez Serrano v. Priest
Block _____ are large sums of money given directly to the states with few strings attached. A) loans B) borrows C) grants D) funds Grants
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was created to improve economic crisis. This act's nickname is "The ____ Bounce" (named after the President who initiated it). Obama
An example of a "choice" school is: A) charter B) public school C) college D) state universities charter
A ____ is a certificate of debt issued by a government guaranteeing payment of the original investment plus interest by a specific future date. A) loan B) bond C) mortgage D) none of these Bond
School board members tend to be 60% male, 85% white, and over the age of ___ A) 25 B) 75 C) 38 D) 50 50
During the past two decades, the influence of local school boards has _____? A) decreased B) increased C) stayed the same D) hasn't changed decreased
Many districts are now reversing the trend, creating smaller school and smaller districts. This process is called....: A) reunification B) downsizing C) decentralization D) expansion decentralization
Companies that formalize a relationship with a school, by dedicating personnel or products or signing exclusive rights contracts, are said to have an educational _____: A) partnership B) relationship C) alliance D) hatred Partnerships
Unofficial but highly involved people and groups in the school system consist of parents, school secretaries, and community groups. These people are called the _____ of schools. A) secret society B) hidden government C) hidden participants D) unimport hidden government
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