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OB Chapter 19

Nursing Care in the Community

essential teaching that must be met before discharge cord and circumcision care, use of a bulb syringe, maternal perineal hygiene, diet, breast care and breastfeeding, exercise, rest, and follow-up care
1996 Newborns’ and Mothers’ Health Protection Act guaranteed a 40-hour hospital stay for normal births and a 96-hour stay after cesarean birth
professional negligence when a patient is injured or dies and it is alleged that the nurse or other home health care team member’s conduct was the direct, or proximate, cause of the injury or death
reducing legal liability consent forms and documentation are extremely important; health care interventions must be established on a sound scientific basis and backed up by evidence-based practice
kick counts 3 kicks per hour is average but report if fewer than 10 movements in 12 hours; they provide reassurance of fetal life, assist in bonding, and help the mother take responsibility for fetal surveillance
home care for a low-risk pregnancy obtain health history, vital signs, urine screen, weight, fundal height, dietary intake, hygiene, and physical activity, listen to fetal heart rate and discuss fetal activity; social support services, phone contact; document everything
what to do if you have a negative pregnancy test, with a missed period repeat the test in a week
effective teaching plans for home care of prenatal patients written material; help or advice telephone lines; health care publications offering timely tips
warm lines telephone numbers that can be used to answer questions that may arise
most common special equipment for home health care of high-risk neonates apnea monitoring and phototherapy
hydatidiform mole can cause a positive pregnancy test
goals of postpartum home care assessing, teaching, counseling, and referral
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