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4E Science-Soil

Movement of rock pieces to new places erosion
Cutting wide, flat planting areas into the sides of steep hills or mountains terracing
Farmers control soil loss by ____ around hills instead of up and down the hills. contour plowing
Planting crops between rows of other crops to help hold soil in place strip cropping
Rotting plant and animal materials that are a part of topsoil humus
The process of rocks being broken up by growing plants roots weathering
Soil is made up of these two things weathered rock and humus
Three layers of soil topsoil, subsoil, and bedrock
Clay doesn't absorb much water, so plants in clay soil need a lot of _____. water
Soil that is poor for growing plants can be improved by adding _____. fertilizer
The best soil for growing most plants contains a __________. mixture of ingredients
Soil is a necessary resource because _____. plants grow in it
Topsoil can be carried away by runoff when there is more _____ than the soil can hold. rain
Why is growing the same crop year after year harmful for the soil? It can use up certain nutrients in the soil.
One way farmers conserve soil is by _____, which helps prevent wind erosion. strip cropping
Created by: MrsHeatherKing