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4th GR Science

Unit D Chptr 1 - Weather

This is the this layer of air that surrounds the Earth Atmosphere
These are the particles of air that press down on a surface Air Pressure
Earth's atmosphere is divided into 4 layers. Which one is closest to the Earth? Troposphere
This layer contains most of the atmosphere's ozone. Airplanes fly above this layer to be above bad weather. Stratosphere
What are the 4 layers of the atmosphere? Troposphere, Stratospher, Mesosphere & Thermosphere
How does air pressure change with height? The air pressure gets less the higher you go. The air particles become further apart and less heavy.
This keeps most of the heat from the sun escaping back into space. Greenhouse Effect
This is a large body of air that move over the Earth's surface and slowly changes Air Mass
This is what you get when two air masses meet. A Front
How does a cold front form? It forms when a cold air mass catches up to a warm air mass. It forces the warm air mass up into the atmosphere. As it is pushed upwards it cools and that is where thunderstorms are often formed.
You would use this to measure air pressure. Barometer
This is the amount of water vapor in the air Humidity
There are fourt types of clouds. Which ones are made up of ice crystals? Winds stretch them into long whispy horsetail shapes. Cirrus
These clouds are puffy cotton-ball clouds and begin to form when water dropslets condense at middle altitudes Cumulus
You will probably see these clouds when a cold front moves past. They are dark with a grey-white halo. If you see these, it will probably rain soon. Cumulonibus
These clouds appear on a grey cloudy day. They can occur on a warm front and will sometimes bring light rain or snow showers. Stratus
This is a tool to measure moisture in the air Hygrometer
Created by: cchristine98