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Science 5.2

Sudy Guide B

where is the place a river is mostly likely to be? the bottom of valley-lowest point
streams shape Earth's surface by? Steams run deep in soil-the water in streams helps the plants near it and forms sediment deposits
What is a drainage basin? water drains into a stream
What is a divide? Divide is on the top of mountain highland drains to one side or the other
How does a flood plain form? Streams overflows into broad valleys
How large is a floodplain? they are large and can be a couple miles or so
What is a meander? the intersection of streams that go into one
What is an oxbow lake? lake beside a stream that bows
How do deltas form and where are they located? Deltas are formed by the build up of sediment at the end of a river
How do alluvial fans form and where are they located? Alluvial fans form when a stream goes into a steep valley and enters a flat plain
Define a sink hole? When basin erodes the roof of cave and it breaks it open.
What are the characteristics of a sink hole? They can destroy a whole city block. Happen in places like Florida and Georgia.