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Pediatrics Ch 15

The Adolescent

Erikson theory for adolescent Peer influences dominate decisions that relate to style, etc. while parents still have influence over moral decisions and setting limits.
Adolescence and Parents Parents are often ambivalent about letting go
Adults who associate with teenagers should try to create an atmosphere of interest and understanding; a caring environment that sets limits is essential
Peer group’s importance to the adolescent is vitally important to helping the adolescent define the self; also acceptance helps decrease loneliness and sense of loss that many teenagers experience on the road to adulthood
Responsibility and adolescents teach youth to see overall objective to routine jobs; must also be taught the value of money
allowance impact on adolescents helps them to learn management; they need to develop a sense of responsibility regarding finances
change in allowances need to be increased from time to time to reflect the age and needs of the teenager; middle and older adolescents who have jobs can be taught the use of a checkbook and a savings account; need opportunities to earn money, not have it doled out to them
Heterosexual Relationships social outings are heavily influenced by the desire to meet members of the opposite gender; adolescents need to meet and become acquainted with members of the opposite sex; cultural background has an influence on patterns of dating
Adolescents reaction to opposition to dating may react by rebelling, acting out sexually or by other means; often this is done to test the injunction
What do all adolescents need to be educated about date rape; teens need to be aware of the effects of Rohypnol and taught to avoid places and situations where it could be used
What is still important if the teenager is dealing with chronic illness to be in school and be considered one of the group
Concerns that need to be addressed in hospitalized adolescents Body image; fears of forced dependence, bodily invasion, mutilation, rejection, and humiliation, especially within the peer group; The nurse should anticipate a certain amount of reluctance to adhere to hospital regulations
Adolescents and nutrition girls have fewer caloric requirements than boys; There is a concern with body image that may lead to anorexia or bulimia
Overeating leads to adult obesity
In between meal snacking can contribute to obesity and be the result of skipping meals
What foods should the adolescent avoid? fast foods which are high in calories, fat, protein, sugar, sodium and low in fiber
What mineral is of great importance in adolescence? Zinc is essential for growth and sexual maturation
What are important nutrients for adolescent intake? Need for iron is increased in both genders at this time; Protein needs are increased; Calcium is important as well
During adolescence what percent of peak bone mass is developed? 40-60%
Sports and nutrition The best training diet is one that contains foods from each of the basic food groups in sufficient quantities to meet energy demands and nutrient requirements; supplements are not necessary and could potentially be harmful; avoid caffeine and ETOH
What kill and cripple teenagers at alarming rates? Road accidents
Adolescents and homicide Gun control must be stringent for this age group; those who do use firearms legally must be taught to respect the power of firearms and taught the responsibility placed on one who uses firearms
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