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2nd Grade Science


Fog tiny droplets of water that condense in the air near the ground
4 Things That Make up Weather Sun, Land, Air, Water
Evaporation when a liquid changes into a gas, or vapor called water vapor
Tornado violent, funnel shaped windstorm that can develop in severe thunderstorms
Blizzard snowstorm with strong winds and heavy snow
Precipitation rain, sleet, snow, or hail that condenses and falls from clouds
Dew water that condenses onto cold surfaces
Stratus Cloud low, layered cloud that looks like a blanket covering the sky
Meteorologist scientist who observes conditions that influence weather
Condensation when gas, or water vapor, turns into liquid water
Water Cycle process that continually moves water through the earth and it's atmosphere
Order of the Water Cycle water evaporates from the earth's surface, forms clouds (condensation), and returns to the earth as precipitation
Nimbus Cloud dark rain clouds
Cirrus Cloud high, wispy clouds that looks like feathers or curls of hair
Thunderstorm storm with heavy rains, strong winds, thunder, and lightning
Cumulus Cloud large. puffy clouds that look like a cotton ball
Hurricane large storm with heavy rain and strong wind that form over warm ocean water
Created by: lisaberggren