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Oint, or ung Ointment
oph or ophth Ophthalmic
PR or RE Rectally
SC Subcutaneous
Sl Sublingual
supp Suppository
tinct. Tincture
aa or ea Of each
amp Amlule
cap Capsule
cc Cubic Centimeter
cm centimeter
fl. oz. Fluid ounce
g or gm Gram
gr Grain
gtt Drop
kl Kiloliter
L Liter
Lb Pound
liq Liquid
mcg Microgram
mEq milliequilivant
mg Milligram
ml Milliliter
mm Millimeter
Oz. Ounce
ss One-Half
tab Tablet
tbsp or T Tablespoon
tsp or t Teaspoon
u Units
ADD Attention Defecit Disorder
ADHD Adult Defecit Hypertactivity disorder
Aids Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome
apap or APAP Acetominophen
asa or ASA Asprin
BP Blood Pressure
BS Blood Sugar
Ca Calcium
CHF Congestive Heart Failure
Fe Iron
Gl Gastrointestinal
H202 Hydrogen Peroxide
HA Headache
HCTZ Hydrochlorthiazide
HIV Human Immunodeficiency
Created by: unisia240
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