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How many times does light refract? 2
What parts refract of the eye? Cornea & lens
What shape is the lens in your eye? Convex
What is the purpose of the outer part of your ear? To catch the waves
Where are rods and cones located? The rentena
Sound waves are what type of waves? Mechanical
Repeated back and forth & up and down motions called? Vibration
Higher the frequency the lower the ? Wavelength
Light bends and enters a new medium ? Refraction
What are VERY harmful rays? Ultra violent, X-ray, and Gamma
Radio Waves ? Longest wavelength & lowest frequency
Infrared ? You can feel this wavelength
Visible ? The only part of "light" you can see
ROY G. BIV Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
Violet ? the shortest wavelength
Red ? the longest wavelength
What happens when a rainbow appears? water in the atmosphere blends the visible light and bends each wavelengths by a different amount
Ultra violent ? Cannot see or feel, but are very dangerous
X-Ray ? Shorter wavelength, longer frequency
Gamma rays ? Shortest wavelength, highest frequency
Cornea ? Where light enters the eye and gets refracted
Lens ? Behind the pupil and refracts light again
Retina ? Light then focuses on the back of the inside of the light
Optic nerve ? thick nerve that transmits signals from the rods and cones to the brain
Rods ? Allows to see dim light, black, white, and gray
Cones ? Responds to color
Pupil ? A hole covered by the cornea
Iris ? a ring of muscle that contracts and expands that enters the eye to change amount of light
Created by: Annelise5