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ring of muscle that contracts and expands to change the amount of light that eye

what is near sighted? is when you can see near by things clearly and distant objects appear clearly
what is the cornea? transparent front of the surface of the eye
what is the iris? ring of muscle that contracts and expands to change the amount of light that enters the eye
what is the pupil? a hole through wich the light enters the eye
what is the retina? layer of cells that line the inside of the eyeball
what are rods? cells in the retina that distinguish black white and gray
what are cones? cells in the retina that react to color
what is the optic nerve? short, thick, nerve that carries signals to the rods and the cones to the brain
what is farsighted? when you can see distant things clearly but nearby objects appear blury
what can concave lens do? when a persons eyes are to long it can make a nearsighted persons eyes see more clearly.
what do convex lens do? when a persons eyes balls are to short they may be farsighted and convex lens can help them see clearly
what are lens? a crystalline structure located behind the irris, it focuses light on the retina
what is refraction? when lgiht bends when it hits a new medium
what part of the eyes light refracts first REFRACTED by? the cornea
how many times does lgith get refracted in your eye before hitting your retina? 2
why is light bending? changing in the speed form one medium to another
what can you give an example of using reflection? water, glass
what kind of waves can be reflected? all waves
what is difuse reflection? when light hits it, it bounces in a bunch of directions
what is transmission? when waves travel through a medium
sound waves are transmitted though______, _____, and ________ soild, liquid and gasses
what electromagnetic wave is highest in energy? gamma waves
how is radar used to determine the speed of objects? through radio waves
what are the colors of the visible spectrum in order of increasing frequency? red, orange, yellow, green
what kind of electromagnetic radiation can honeybees see but humans cant? ultra violet (uv waves)
what is the electromagnetic spectrum? a range of waves of all electromagnetic waves
what is mri and what is it used for? magnetice?........
what is a thermogram? it detects different tempatures and different colors
how can a person detect infrared waves without a(n) instrument? feel them as heat
what is transparent and give and example of it? you can see through glass
opague materials allow ________ to be transmitted through them? no light
what are examples of opague materials? humans, animals, and tv
Translucent materials transmit ______ light, but cause it to be ________ so no clear image is seen some, scatter
absorbtion of certain frequenies of light occurs when the energy is ______ or ______ by the giving medium? reflected, or transmitted
what happens when you wear a black t-shirt? what is happening to the visible light waves that are hitting it? absorbing ll the colors of the spectrum
what happens to any objects or substances that absorb any wavelength of ekectromagnetic radiation? turns into heat
true or false? mechanical waves transfer energy through a vacum? false, because its transfers through a medium(:
true or false? a wave is a dusturbance that transfer energy? true
true or false? most fm waves are invisible and detectable? true
too mmuch exposure to ultraviolet radiation can lead to? sunburn, skin cancer, possible death.
what type of visible light has the shortest wavelength? violet
how a light bends when it enters a new medium at an angle is a ______________? refraction
how a light bounces back when it hits a barrier is a ____________? reflection
the type of wave visible light is? electromagnetic
when wvaes are refracted they are ? changed in speed
one application of infrared radiation is for? night vision cameras
what is the longest wavelength that has the shortest frequency? radio wave
what wave length uses energy as heat and you can feel this wavelength? infrared wave
what are the 7 visible lights? red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet
what is another way of say the 7 visible lights? roy g biv
what color is the longest? red
what color is the shortest? violet
when does a rainbow occur? when visible light enters a new medium water in our atmosphere
what wave has the shorter wave and the highest frequenc? x-ray waves
what wave can cause to much exposure can cause skin cancer? x-ray waves
wich waves are harmful? x-ray and gamma waves
what waves arent harmful? radio micro and infrared and uv waves
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