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Path Ch 9 Environmen

LECOM Path Ch 9 environment nutritional

Phase I reactions are Reduction, Hydrolysis, Oxidation (RHO)
Air particles are more pathogenic at what size? Smaller 10um
Characteristic in acute carbon monoxide poisoning in whites cherry red skin
RBCs with basophilic stippling points toward what type of poisoning lead
Poor epiphyseal growth with hyperdense cortices on x-ray in child lead
Tremor, gingivitis, bizarre behavior mercury poisoning
The developing brain is very sensitive to what type of mercury methyl mercury
Hyperpigmented skin, hyperkeratosis, numbness, and parasthesias caused by what poison? arsenic
Obstructive lung disease due to alveolar macrophage necrosis, kidney damage, and osteoporosis, osteomalacia. Metal causing it? cadmium
Benzene leads to AML
Polycystic hydrocarbons lead to lung and bladder cancer
DDT, PCB, and dioxin do what? block endocrine receptors
Vinyl chloride causes what angiosarcoma of the liver
MC exogenous cause of human cancers tobacco
This can be measured in the blood to measure second hand smoke continineP Metabolite of ethanol that is toxic
Is NAD or NADH increased with ethanol break down NADH
Increased NADH/NAD ratio in alcoholics causes what acid-base disturbance lactic acidosis
HRT causes what increased breast cancer, hypercoagulable state
Oral contraceptives cause thromboembolism, CVD, reduce endometrial and ovarian cancer, Hepatic adenoma
Anabolic steroids can cause this liver disease hepatic cholestasis
50% of acute liver failure in the US is caused by acetaminophen
Penetrave vs perforate you penetrate tissue you perforate when you enter tissue and cause an exit wound
Burn of just the epidermis superficial 1st degree
Burn to the dermis 2nd degree or partial thickness
Burns down to subcutaneous tissue 3rd degree or full thickness
MCC of infection in burn Pt pseudomonas aeruginosa
You stop sweating in heat stroke or exhaustion? stroke
Heat stroke is caused by peripheral vasodialation with venous pooling
Rhabdo in heat stroke is caused by injury to what? RYR1
What reaches high concentration intracellularly in hypothermia salts
Ionizing radiation comes in these 5 forms x-ray, gamma rays, high-energy neutrons, alpha and beta particles.
Radiation causes fibrosis and fibrointimal thickening and arteriolar sclerosis
You are considered malnourished when your BMI drops below 16
Children are considered malnourished when they drop to what percent below normal 80%
What are the two protein compartments in your body somatic and visceral
Marasmus effects what protein compartment more somatic
Kwashiorkor effects which protein compartment more visceral
Serum albumin levels in Marasmus and Kwashiorkor normal in marasmus drastically depleted in kwashiorkor
This is seen in the urine of weight losing Pt’s with pancreatic, breast, colon and other cancers PIF
This has the highest death rate of any psychiatric disorder Anorexia nervosa
Sudden death from anorexia nervosa and bullemia is caused by cardiac arrhythmias from hypokalemia
4 Fat soluble vitamins Vit DEAK
Pancreatic disturbances cause what type of Vitamin deficiency fat soluble DEAK
Night blindness, corneal ulcers, keratinizing metaplasia Vitamin A deficiency
HA, vomiting, dizziness, bone pain Vit. A toxicity
Rickets in children, osteomalacia in adults Vit D defic
Tetany and rachitic rosary Vit. D def
Spinocerebellar degeneration Vit E deficiency
Hypocoaguable states Vit K deficiency
Dry/Wet beri beri, Korsakoff or Wernicke syndromes B1 thiamine def
Cheilosis, stomatitis, glossitis B1 def
Jbleeds and poor healing, bleeding gums, thinned osteoid matrix Vit c deficiency, scurvey
2 molecules produced by adipose tissue that make you skinny leptin and adiponectin
Only molecule that makes you eat more. What produces it? Ghrelin; stomach
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