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What system stores the mineral calcium? Skeletal System
What is undigested material in the GI tract? Feces
Where would you find the Liver, Pancreases, Gallbladder? Digestive System
the spleen is a part of what system Lymphatic System
What system has all these functions? Temperature regulation, sense organ, protection Integumentary (skin)
When u put a group of different tissue together you make? An Organ
What system cleans the Kidneys? Excretory
Ovaries and Testes are part of what system? Endocrine and Reproductive System
Accessories organs of the Digestive System. Tong and Teeth
What system produces heat and body posture? Muscular
Gallbladder Digestive
Vagina Reproductive
Uterus Reproductive
Hart Circulatory
spleen Lymphatic
Spinal Chord Nervous
Lungs Respiratory
Bronchi Respiratory
Trachea Respiratory
Esophagus Digestive
bladder urinary
ureter urinary
vas deferens reproductive
thymus endocrine
sebaceous and sweat glands Integumentary (skin)
how does urine get our of the body? urethra
what connects muscle to bones tendons
what connects bone to bone joint
organs working together for a common function system
removes excess fluids, transports fats, develops immunity lymphatic
pituitary, pineal, thyroid, para thyroid endocrine
which body part in a male serves both a reproductive and urinary function urethra
which system removes solid waste digestive
communication, integration, and control endocrine
safest place to sit on an airplane near and exit
how can you tell if a bomb went off if the body is intact or not
what always breaks when hits water ribs
is there a difference between hitting concrete than water from 7 miles up? no
what did passengers in flight 800 have in common aortic tears
when you dead and floating in the water, how do you float? face down
what cause john keptner to lose his hands? strep
how many times did he code? 3
how did the restart his heart? electric shock
was this a successful transplant? no
what is another name for voluntary muscle skeletal
what is a name for involuntary muscle smooth
hair nails and pores are what? appendages of the skin
Created by: JFoxx