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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 26

NAUS ship, boat (G)
NAVIS ship, boat (L)
HOMOS same, common, joint (G)
HETEROS other, different (G)
PORTA door, gate, entry (L)
nautical pertaining to ships
astronaut one who 'sails' out toward the stars
cosmonaut astronaut
nausea seasickness caused by the motion of a boat
navy the maritime section of a nation's defense; the ships and those who manage them
navigate to determine the route a ship must take to a destination; to direct the course of a ship or any vehicle
circumnavigate to sail completely around a land mass or the world
homograph words with the same spelling but different origin and meaning
homonym words having the same sound or pronunciation but different spelling and meaning
homogenize to make homogeneous or the same throughout
heterogeneous different kind or nature
heterography spelling different from that which is correct in current usage; incorrect spelling
heteronomy not self-governing (opposite of autonomy)
cardinal essential, main; a songbird with bright red feathers
cardinal numbers one, two, three, etc.
cardinal points North, South, East, West
port a harbor for boats at the shore of a city; the left side of a ship,as one faces forward; a place to connect pieces of computer hardware so they can communicate with each other
airport a place where airplanes land and take off
porch a covered area around the entrance to a house
portable capable of being carried by hand or in person
transport to carry across; to carry away with emotion
important (adjective) carrying meaning or significance
report to carry back
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