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Soutmoore--Latin2 Unit 3 27-32 Verbs

adiungo adiungere adiunxi adiunctus join to
defero deferre detuli delatus offer; enroll
inquit x x x he; she said
malo malle malui X prefer
veto vetare vetui vetitus forbid
contingo contingere contigi contactus touch
impleo implere implevi impletus fill
sino sinere sivi situs allow
abdo abdere abdidi abditus put away; hide
aperio aperire aperui apertus reveal; open
circumdo circumdare circumdedi circumdatus put around
figo figere fixi fixus fix
obsideo obsidere obsedi obsessus beseige
alo alere alui alitus feed; nourish
coniuro coniurare coniuravi coniuratus conspire
licet x licuit licitum est it is permitted
oportet oporere oportuit x it is necessary
oppugno oppugnare oppugnavi oppugnatus attack
postulo postulare postulavi postulatus demand
diripio diripere diripui direptus plunder
parco parcere peperci parsurus spare
vereor vereri x veritus fear
iuvo iuvare iuvi iutus aid
sequor sequi x secutus follow
succedo succedere successi successurus succeed
Created by: southmoore