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Colace(Docusate Sodium) Classification:Laxative(T),Stool softener(P) Action:pulls H2O into stool=softer masses Indications:Prevent constipation,rectal to prevent fecal impaction. Side effects:throat irritation,GI cramping, rashes. Contraindications:Hepersensitivity, abs pain,nausea,vomiting,s&s of acute abdomen.
Colace(Docusate Sodium) Classification:Laxative(T),Stool softener(P) Nursing Implications:assess for abs distention,bowel sounds,bowel function patterns. -assess for color,consistency and amt'o stool Teaching:Dont take/w dirrhea,take will H2O.
Compazine(Prochlorperazine) Classification:antiemetic,antisychotic(T) Action:alters effect of Dopamine on CNS Indications:Mgmtof nausea/vomiting, psychoses.anxiety Side Effects:blurred vision,dry eyes/mouth,pink/red/brown urine,grey/blue skin-sun exposure. Contras:^sensitivity,bonemarrow suppression, heart/liver disease
Compazine(Prochlorperazine) Classification:antiemetic,antisychotic(T) Nursing implications:antiacids lower absorption,monitor pt's mental status-aspiration. Teaching:i)avoid hazardous like driving
Created by: ondara123