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Micro Ch 21 STD

LECOM Micro Ch 21 STD

3 manifestations of congenital syphilis - intrauterine death – congenital abnormalities – silent infection until at 2yo face and tooth abnormalities
Scrapings from a lesion grown nothing on multiple types of culture; thin, tightly wound slender coiled organism with pointed ends is seen on dark field; Not seen on gram-stain. Present in biopsy with silver impregnation. Dx? Treponema pallidum
2 Non-specific syphilis screening tests VDRL and RPR
DOC for Syphilis? If allergic? PCN; doxy
Where can organisms be found proliferating during Primary syphilis? Regional lymph nodes
Secondary Syphilis Sxs described as what? Flu like illness
Where are organisms multiplying in Secondary Syphilis? Pt infectious or not? everywhere; skin, musouc membranes, lymph nodes, liver, spleen; VERY CONTAGIOUS
What is possibly responsible for the ability of T. pallidum to evade recognition Thick coat w/ sialic acid
3 parts of tertiary syphilis neurosyphilis, tabes dorsalis, insane; Cardiovascular syphilis with aortic lesions and hear failure; Progressive destructive disease with “gummas” in skin, bone, and testes
N. gonorrhoeae: shape and stain gram negative diplococcus
N. gonorrhoeae: motile? no
N. gonorrhoeae: pili? yes
N. gonorrhoeae: IgA protease? yes
N. gonorrhoeae: capsule? yes
N. gonorrhoeae: exotoxin? no
N. gonorrhoeae: other than pili what is antigenic ? Por proteins
What allows N. gonorrhoeae to bind to epithelial cells? Opa proteins
What does N. gonorrhoeae Rmp protein do? inhibits “cidal” activity in serum
N. gonorrhoeae: endotoxin? yes
What is LOS in N. gonorrhoeae? lipooligosacharide, endotoxin activity
2nd most common bacterial STD. Man presents with painful, inflamed glans, with purulent penile discharge. What do you treat with? ceftriaxone (cipro) cover w/ doxycycline for chlamydia
What cells do gonorrhea invade? non-cilliated epithelial cells
A woman with no previous Dx of STD is found to be sterile after chronic pelvic pain. What bug caused this? N. gonorrhoeae
What grows on Thayer-Martin agar? Neisseria
Eye infection in neonate with non-symptomatic mother. Dx? N. gonorrhea
4 possibilities of systemic spread of gonorrhea in asymptomatic women skin lesion, endocarditis, arthritis, to baby opthalmia neonatorum
Serotypes of chlamydia that cause STD D-K (DicK)
Asymptomatic in chlamydia is more common in what sex? women
Chlamydia D-K infects what cells? columnar or transitional epithelia cells
A random petri dish is looked at. It has some words on the bottom. McCoy cells/cyclohexamide/Iodine. You see cytoplasmic inclusion bodies under microscope Dx? Chlamydia D-K
DOC for Chlamydia in adult? In baby? What class in inactive? doxycycline in adults; erythromycin in babies; beta-lactams don’t work
Infectious life and mechanism of Chlamydia Eb attaches to cell->”parasite-specified endocytosis”->change to RB->multiply in vacuole->change back to EB->release to other cells
Serious complications in Chlamydia in men systemic spread, Reiter’s syndrome(pee hole, eye, joints, mucocutaneous lesions
Serious complications in C. trachomatis in women ectopic pregnancy, infertility, systemic spread
Clinical syndrome and complication w/ C. trachomatis w/ Neonate conjunctivitis and pneumonia
South American male. Ulcerated papule on penis, heals, but bilateral inguinal lymph nodes are massive, tender, and skin is erythematous over the nodes. Dx? Tx? What if it was in a pregnant woman? Lymphogranuloma Venereum LGV (C. trachomatis L1-3) ; doxycycline or erythromycin in pregnant/child
BUZZ: School of Fish on gram stain: describe and Dx large number of short Gram-Negative rods and chains: Haemophilus Ducreyi
DOC for Chancroid erythro- azythro-mycin(macrolide) or ceftriaxone
Gram Negative Rods and Chains grow at 33*C but not at anything higher
Ulcerative nodule on genitalia that bleed with contact on a Caribbean man. What is seen on smear from lesion. mononuclear cells with blue/black clusters in cytoplasm w/ Wright or geimsa stain; C. granulomatis
DOC for Donovanosis tetracycline or co-trimoxazole
Causes PID, postabortal postpartum fevers M. hominis
Irritated vagina with cheesy vaginal discharge. Dimorphic fungus. Dx? Tx? Candida Albicans; oral Fluconazole or topical nystatin
Vaginitis with copious foul-smelling discharge; increased vaginal pH. DDx? Trichomonas vaginalis vs Gardnerella vaginalis
Trichomonas on micro? actively motile trophozoites
DOC for trichomonas metronidazole
Excessive vaginal discharge, fishy odor, epi’s coated w/ bacteria, Dx and Tx? G. vaginalis; mmetronidazole
MCC of venereal herpes HSV-2
Tx of herpes acyclovir
Ulcerating vesicular lesion from the glans. Micro: ballooning degenerating cells with multinucleated giant cells present HSV- 2 maybe 1
Cervix shows white plaques when acetic acid is placed on it. Dx? Serotypes associated w. cancer? What can be seen on vulva? Tx? HPV; 16 and 18 with cervical cancer; condylomata acuminate; podophylin
Gp41 and gp120 are what? HIV envelope proteins
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