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MedSurg-Chapter 2

Evidence Based Practice

What is evidene based practice (EBP)? a systematic process that employs current evidence to make decisions about patient care
Dependent Nursing Intervention Delegated by a physician Any change in practice must go through a committee
Independent Nursing Intervention The nurse can implement and evidence based change based on personal knowledge of the value of the intervention, as long as the change is safe and cannot harm the patient.
Levels of Evidence Evidence ranges from strong to weak; the rating scale used to label the quality of evidence ranges from level I ( the best) to level IV
Level I Systematic Reviews (Cochrane Reviews and Joanna Briggs Best Evidence Guidelines)
Level II Randomized Controlled Trials
Level III Quasi-Experimental Studies
Level IV Expert Opinion
The Six Steps of EBP Step 1: The Burning Questiosn "Why" Step 2: Search for collect relevent data Step 3: Think Critically Step 4: Measure Outcome before & after change Step 5: Put Plan into Action Step 6: Evaluate the Change
Created by: mrsebanks