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Level 1 Part 2

LESSON 15:Seeing a Doctor

医院 hospital yiyuan
看病 to see a doctor; (of a doctor) to see a patient kan bing
Illness bing
病人 patient bing ren
肚子 belly; abdomen du zi
疼死 really painful teng si
aching teng
at night yeli
夜里 quite a few haoji
好几 restroom, toilet cesuo
厕所 (indicating a thing is disposed of) ba
refrigerator bingxiang
冰箱 to have a fever fa shao
发烧 to have a fever fa shao
躺下 to lie down tangxia
to lie teng
检查 to examine jiancha
吃坏 to get sick because of bad food chi huai
bad huai
打针 to get an injection da zhen
needle zhen
medicine yao
(measure word for tablet; slice) pian
(measure word for complete courses of an action or instances of an action) bian
最好 had better zuihao
小时 hour xiaoshi
办法 method; way (of doing something) banfa
感冒 to have a cold ganmao
生病 to get sick sheng bing
身体 body; health sheng bing
itchy yang
过敏 to be allergic to guomin
药店 pharmacy yaodian
健康 healthy; health jiankang
保险 insurance baoxian
赶快 right away; quickly; in a hurry gankuai
要不然 yaoburan otherwise
越来越 yuelaiyue more and more
上次 last time shang ci
休息 to take a break; to rest xiuxi
lazy lan
再说 moreover zaishuo
randomly; arbitrarily; messily luan
Created by: lilyli
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