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helps to release the energy from fats, proteins, and carbohydrates vitamins
the building materials that repair cells and tissues and that build new cells proteins
substances in food used by the body for energy, growth, and maintenance nutrients
nonliving solids that you need in small amounts to help regulate chemical reactions in the body minerals
substances that provide energy and carries vitamins A, D, E, and K throughout the body fat
white, waxy substance that protects areas of the brain from harmful substances and strengthens cell membranes cholesterol
provides most of the energy that your body needs carbohydrates
the main ingredient in an egg protein
the main ingredient in an apple vitamins
the main ingredient in a potato carbohydrates
the main ingredient in nuts protein
the main ingredient in chicken protein
the main ingredient in water water
the main ingredient in butter fat
the main ingredient in calcium minerals
Why are proteins important? They help to build skin, muscles, and you brain; help fight diseases; proteins can be used for energy
Name 2 kinds of carbohydrates. simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates
Why is fat important for our bodies? gives your body energy; carries vitamins throughout your body; helps build nerves; protects many organs in your body
Why is water important? It carries nutrients to all your cells and carries wastes away.
How do vitamins and minerals help our bodies? Vitamins help release the energy from foods you eat and regulate chemical reactions.
How can we get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals? Eat a well balanced diet.
What information is always printed on food packages? The calories in one serving of the food.
If you went shopping just for proteins, name 3 foods you would buy. meat, milk, fish, eggs, beans, cheese
Describe a time when your body might need more water than usual. When you are sick, or while you are exercising, you may need more water to help regulate your body temperature or to replace fluids lost by sweating.
Name 2 reasons your body must have some fat. Fat carries important vitamins to the body; provides energy; protects organs; helps build nerves
The 2 types of physical activities vigorous and moderate
How much physical activity does a child need each day? 60 minutes
How are ingredients listed on a food label? They are listed from greatest to least. The more of the ingredient in the food, the closer to the beginning of the list.
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