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GI Tract MA

Digestive Tract - MA1

What is the sac-like muscular organ that uses HCL and pepsin to begin chemical digestion? Stomach
Name the wave like contractions of the gastrointestinal tract that move food through the tract? peristalsis
The medical term for "chewing" Mastication
What is the soupy mixture formed in the stomach that passes into the small intestine? Chyme
What is function does the mouth play in digestion? ingestion
From which organ are the majority of nutrients absorbed into the blood stream? Small Intestines
Finger-like extensions in the small intestine that aide in digestion by increasing surface area. Villi
What is the first part of the small intestine called? Duodenum
What is the second part of the small intestine? Jejunum
What is the last region of the small intestine? ileum
What is the part of the stomach that closes to prevent food from moving back up the esophagus Cardiac Sphincter
What is the valve that separates the small and large intestines Iliocecal valve
What gets absorbed in the large intestines during digestion? water
What is the first part of the large intestine Cecum
What major function occurs in the large intestine, rectum, and anus in digestion? waste elimination
What is the term for solid waste elimination? defecation
What is the term for gaseous waste elimination? flatulence
What is the name of the bacteria located in the large intestine E. Coli
What accessory organ supplies insulin to the blood? pancreas
What accessory organ produces bile to aide in chemical digestion? Liver
What substance is secreted into the small intestine from the gallbladder to aide in chemical digestion? Bile
Created by: Jennifer_Bragg