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Health/School Age

School Age Child

The preadolescent growth spurt occurs? Earlier in girls than in boys
Sex education for the 9 yr old child should include information about? Anatomy, physiology, bodily functions, what to expect during puberty
Children at increased risk for having dental caries include those who wear? Braces
Children in the intuitive stage? Exhibit Egocentrism
Parents should limit school age children's television time to? 2 hrs
An appropriate coach for a child's basketball team? Is courteous to children, referees, and other coaches
A example of an activity that develops fine motor skills in the school age child is? Playing the guitar
An 8 yr old typically understands the? Conservation of mass
Healthy people of 2010 objectives of the school age child include? Increased portion of children who receive dental sealants on their molar teeth
A child who does not successfully complete the developmental task of industry develops a sense of? Inferiority
School age/middle childhood extends through what age groups? 6 to 12 yrs
School age children grow an average of? 2 inches per yr
Middle school age children's weight increases by ___per year? 3 kg/6.6 lb
At the end of middle childhood girls grow ____than boys and gain more___than boys. Taller, weight
Psycho social development of the school age child? Industry or accomplishment
Interaction with ___is a source of satisfaction for the school age child. Peers
The school age child 7 to 11 yrs is in Piaget's stage of? Concrete Operations
Identification and association with the peer group are essential to a child's___ Socialization
Most common cause of severe injury and death in school age children is? Motor vehicle accidents
Injury prevention in the school age child is directed toward? Safety education
The incidence of injury during middle childhood is significantly higher for____ than____. Boys, girls
Prepubescence is defined as___yrs preceding puberty. 2 yrs
Average age of puberty is___in girls and ___in boys. 12,14
Created by: tpennington