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Nutrition - E2 - P2

Nutrition - Exam 2 - Part 2 - Lipids

What percentage of lipids in foods are triglycerides? 95%
Type of fatty acid that is fully loaded with hydrogens and has no double bonds? saturated
______ is the backbone of the triglyceride. glycerol
Type of fatty acid that lacks two hydrogens and has one double bond? monounsaturated
Type of fatty acid that lacks two or more hydrogens and has two or more double bonds? polyunsaturated
What kind of fat is olive oil? monounsaturated
Adding hydrogens back to unsaturated fats which prolongs shelf life and alters texture is known as ________. hydrogenation
Fatty acids with hydrogens on same side of double bond. cis
Fatty acids with hydrogens on opposite side of double bond. trans
Phospholipids in foods act as _______ and function in the _______ of cells. emulsifiers, plasma membrane
Cholesterol only comes from ______ sources. animal
Cholesterol made in the liver is known as _________. endogenous
Cholesterol from dietary sources is ________. exogenous
Cholesterol deposits formed in the artery walls is known as _________. atherosclerosis
How many mg of cholesterol are in one egg? 200 mg
CCK travels to the gallbladder, stimulates it to contract, and it sends ______ to the small intestine. bile
Bile is an ______, allowing fats to be drawn into the watery fluids and digested. emulsifier
Monoglycerides and LCFA merge into spherical complexes surrounded by bile called _______. micelles
_____, ______, and ______ enter the bloodstream directly. Glycerol, SCFA, MCFA
Monoglycerides and LCFA are configured into new triglycerides which are packed with a transport vehicle called a ______. chylomicron
Chylomicrons are absorbed through the _______ system. lymphatic
Percentage of kcals that should come from fats? 20-35%
Linoleic acid is related to omega-___. 6
Linolenic acid is related to omega-___. 3
Created by: K1N1V