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Duff 15.2

Duff NT Greek 15 - Irregular Future and Aorist Passives

ἀκουω I hear
ἠκουσθην I was heard
ἀκουσθησομαι I will be heard
βαλλεις You are throwing
ἐβληθης You were thrown
βληθησῃ You will be thrown
ἐγειρει He is lifting
ἠγερθη He was lifted
ἐγερθησεται He will be lifted
καλουμεν We are calling
ἐκληθημεν We were called
κληθησομεθα We will be called
σωζουσιν They are saving
ἐσωθησαν They were saved
σωθησονται They will be saved
λαμβανω I take
ἐλημφθην I was taken
λημφθησομαι I will be taken
ἀποστελλεις You are sending
ἀπεσταλης You were sent
ἀποσταλησῃ You will be sent
γραφει He is writing
ἐγραφη It was written
γραφησεται It will be written
σπειρομεν We are sowing
ἐσπαρημεν We were being sown
σπαρησομεθα We will be sown
στρεφουσιν They are turning
ἐστραφησαν They were turned
στραφησονται They will be turned
φαινω I shine
ἐφανην I appeared
φανησομαι I will appear
λεγω I say
ἐρρεθην I was said
ὁραω I see
ὠφθην I was seen
φερω I carry
ἠνεχθην I was carried
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