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Anatomy Latin/Greek

Latin/Greek root words

ectomy surgical removal
derm skin
syn; sym together
myo muscle
oste bone
ocul eye
andr male
gen begin
cutane skin
arthr joints
bi two
gust taste
olfact smell
gest to carry
ren kidney
crin to secrete
trop influence
pneum air
pulmon lung
algia pain
enter intestine
gastr stomach
hepat liver
neo new
therm heat
chrom color
neph kidney
peri around
gynec female
oo egg
hyster uterus
amino fetal membrane
morph shape/form
zyg paired
noct night
pyr fire
odont tooth
cep head
iso same
duct movement
mening membrane
neur nerve
presby old
rhin nose
tion act of/process of
eu good
dys difficulty
mal bad
emia blood
lysis break down
stasis control, still, remaining the same
hem blood
cardi heart
immun protect
leuk white
erythr red
mon one
artr artery
stat immediately
vita life
mamm breast
follic small bag
cleav to divide
cyst bag, hollow
nat birth
gravid pregnancy
Created by: HCoffman