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Chp 17 and 18 Test

Africa's longest mountain range Ahaggar Mountains
place in the desert where water is present Oases
grains such as barley, oats, or wheat that are used for food cereals
stream beds that are usually dry except during periods of heavy rain wadis
the action of earthquakes seismic activity
the triangular section of land formed by the sand and mud deposited by the flowing waters at the mouth of a river delta
an important natural resource of the culture region of North Africa and Southwest Asia Petroleum
raising and grazing livestock Pastoralism
desert that covers about 250,0009 square miles Rubal Khali
the largest peninsula in the culture region of North Africa and southwest Asia Arabian peninsula
the region of rich fertile soil between the Tigris and Euphrates River fertile crescent
the region of North africa and southwest asia is _______ as the US twice as large
the worlds longest river the Nile
________ forms Turkey's southern border the Taurus mountains
North africa and southwest asia may have __________ up to 10 percent of the worlds iron-ore preserves
the central area of north africa and southwest asia is made up of _________ 2 peninsulas and 3 bodies of water
the dead sea is located___________ at the mouth of the Jordan river
the worlds saltiest lake Dead Sea
_____ has a great risk for ______ Iran; Earthquakes
_______ is located on the southern part of __________ and is the desert with the ___________ in the region Rubal Khali; Arabian peninsula; largest are of sand
How has the Nile river helped to shape life in Egypt? (discussion)
How has the petroleum and natural gas been beneficial to this region? (discussion) made them rich.... money leads to power
a difference in people based on their origins, languages, customs, or beliefs ethnic diversity
the Arabs living in the territory on which Israel was established Palestinians
a non-Arab country on the eastern border of Iran Alfghanistan
the capital of Egypt Cairo
the area of North Africa now composed on Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco Maghreb
taking plants of animals from the wild and making them useful to people Domestication
the early civilization that developed in Mesopotamia Sumerian
the writing system of the Sumerians Cuneiform
the picture writing developed by the early Egyptians heiroglyphics
farming in the middle east and north africa is concentrates in areas ____________ where water is readily available
called the land of the Aryans Iran
most densely populated country in the region Bahrain
people who follow the teachings of Jesus Christians
_____________ are found throughout the region several types of government
_________ developed a ____________ to irrigate their farms the Persians; underground canals
_____________ ended in this region after the rise of _________ began European rule; Nationalism
pulitzer prize winning Jewish American composer of the 20th century Aaron Copland
the 265 day calendar came from the Egyptians
language common to southern Morocco Berber
______ architecture is known for its ________ Islamic; Mosques and Palaces
How does the distribution of water resources affect the population density and areas of the region? (discussion)
How does the demand for oil throughout .... ( did not get the rest of this)
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