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Vergil vocab (9-14 occurrences: facio-iungo)

facio facere/feci/factus = to make, do, build, construct
finis -is, m/f = boundary, end, limit; territory, land
fluctus -us, m = flood, flow, tide; commotion
fors fortis, f = chance; fortune; accident
fortis forte = brave, bold, strong
fortuna -ae, f = chance, luck, fate; wealth, prosperity
fuga -ae, f = flight, fleeing, escape; exile
fugio fugere/fugi/fugitus = flee, fly, escape; go into exile
fundo fundere/fudi/fusus = pour; scatter
furo furere/--/-- = rage, rave; be mad; be wild
furor furoris, m = madness, rage, fury; passionate love
gemitus gemitus, m = groan, sigh; roaring
genitor genitoris, m = father; creator; originator
genus generis, nt = birth, descent, origin; family; ancestry; offspring; kind, sort; class, rank
gravis grave = heavy; painful; important; serious, grave; pregnant
haud (adv) = not, not at all, by no means
heu (interjection) = oh!, ah!, alas!
homo hominis, m = man, human being, person
iacto (1) = throw, throw out/away; discuss
idem eadem/idem (pronoun) = same, the same, the very same
imago imaginis, f = likeness, image; statue; ghost
immanis immane = huge, vast, immense, tremendous
imperium -i, nt = command; authority; supreme power; the state, empire
imus (adj) = inmost, deepest, bottommost, last
incipio incipere/incepi/inceptus = begin; start, undertake
insto instare/institi/-- = pursue, threaten; approach; be close to (w/ dat.); stand in/on
interea (adv) = meanwhile
Iovis Iovis, m = Jupiter
ira -ae, f = anger, ire, wrath
iungo iungere/iunxi/iunctus = join, unite; bring together; clasp (hands)
Created by: simsma