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Landforms in the Central America and the Caribbean were formed through what? Tectonic processes
What created mountains? plate subduction
_____ created new islands. Volcanic erruptions.
Volcanoes created new ____ islands
Some islands began as ____ coral reefs.
Central america is an ____ that links ______ ithsmus , North and south america.
What ocean lies to the west of central america? pacific
what ocean lies to the east of central america? Caribbean
What are the major island groups of the west indies? Greater and lesser antilles
The greater antilles include... (4) Cuba, Hispanolia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico
____ are found in much of central america, but _____ lie in the interior coastal plains, rugged hills & mountains
Why is travel and communication difficult in central america? bc there are rugged hills and mountains in the interior
Central America and the caribbean islands extend across the _______ latitudes sunny and warm tropical
Temperatures in central america and the caribbean seldom vary more than _________ 10 degrees
Winter is usuallly ____ and summer is ____ dry, rainy
There are _____, _____ climates on the coast, but ____ climates in the mountanious interiors tropical,humid ; highland
rain shadows are on the ___ side of mountains west
______ live among the salt-water roots of the ______ shrimp; mangrove trees
What are natural resources in the area? warm, sunny climate ; rich fishing grounds ; mineral resources
There are many environmental hazards such as _____ earthquakes, volcanic erruptions, hurricanes, mud slides
how many countries are there? 7
The countries are only about _____ the size of____ 3/4 the size of texas
The combined population is ___ the size of____ double the size of texas
the ______ is what shapes the culture colonial history
the indiginous people, or native people. were ____ when spaniards arrived farmers
who discovered central america? spanish
why did the population decline after the spaniards came? they were enslaved or they died bc of european diseases
___ is the only country where english is the main language belize
What are some factors that influenced Central American heritage? Roman catholicism, unequal distributon of wealth, spanish town planning, mestizos
What is the main religion? roman Catholicism
Majority of the population is ____ mestizos
People of african descent are found mainly in ___ and ____ belize and panama
The US built the panama canal in the early ____ 1900s
How is the panama canal an important economic resource ? It allows ships to travel from the atlantic ocean and the caribbean sea to the pacific ocean
Panama has been controlling the canal since ____ 1999
name some crops central america grows coffee, bananas, sugar, cotton, cacao
Why do Central americans immigrate to the US? to escape economic and political problems
What allows wealthy families to run the countries for their own benefits? they have ties to foreign companies and to their own country's armies
____ , ______. and ______ has experienced long periods of violence and civil war honduras, el salvador, and nicaragua
The need for ____ has been a problem need for land reform
____ is the poorest country honduras
honduras has _______, which caused a lack of ____ rough terrain, development
____ has the greatest stability & the highest standard of living costa rica
Costa rica has a tradition of _____, _____, and _____ democracy, education, political stability
____ and _____are a major export of costa rica tourism and computer chips
Costa rica's land has ______. natural beauty
Columbus's arrival to the area in ____ began the age of _____ 1942, spanish colonization
Who competed for control of the area? french, dutch, british
europeans created plantations based on _____ slave labor
Haiti gained its independence from france in ____ 1804
The US took ___ and ____ from spain cuba and puerto rico
cuba gained its independence in ____ 1902
most regions didnt gain independence until the mid ____ 1900s
____ is a commonwealth of the US puerto rico
the population of the caribbean islands is largely descended from ___ and ____ europeans and africans
Trinidad and tobago have influenced by ____ immigrants asian
the language of the area is based on the _______ colonial history
What are the languages of the area? spanish, english, french, dutch, creole
____ of the population lives in ___ , ___, and the ____ cuba, haiti, dominican republic
The largest city santo domingo
rapid growth in _____ has produced unemployment and underemployment as well as emigration and urbanization population
Except for cuba, most countries have a ____ economy market
cuba has a _____ command economy
caribbean economy is based on ____ agriculture
What is caricom ? the caribbean community and common market that helps promote industry
____ is not a part of caricom cuba
poorest country haiti
has the most industrailized economy puerto rico
Explain tourism it brings in needed income and reduces unemployment, also prevents probmens bc land has been used for resorts.
Jobs are ___ and pay is low seasonal
most profits in the country go to ____ foreign based countries
type of tree with roots that grow in salt water ; found in tropical coastal areas around the world mangrove
ore from which aluminum is made bauxite
country and largest island in the caribbean cuba
large caribbean island divieded into the countries of haiti and the dominican republic hispaniola
US commonwealth in the greater antilles in the Caribbean Sea puerto rico
native to an area indiginous
people with both african and european ancestry mulattoes
type of tree which we get cocoa beans from cacao
type of tourism focusing on guided travel through natural areas ecotourism
canal connecting the pacific ocean and the caribbean sea ; located in central Panama panama canal
originating in cuba, a religion that blends african and catholic beliefs santeria
caribbean community and common market caricom
self-governing territory associated with another country commonwealth
a language blending african, european, or indiginous caribbean languages creole
haitian version of traditional african religious beliefs that are blended with elements of christiantity voodoo
capital of cuba havana
capital of puerto rico san juan
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