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Latin Column 4

hortus garden
hostis enemy
iaceo to lie
iacio to throw
decio throw down
eicio throw out
inicio throw in
iam now
ianua door
ibi there
idem the same
igitur therefore
ille that, those
imperare to command
imperator commander
imperium power
in (+acc) into
in (+abl) in, on
incendere to burn
infelix unlucky
ingens huge
ingredior to enter
ingressus having entered
inimicus enemy
inquit said
insula island
intellego to understand
inter among
interea meanwhile
interficere to kill
intrare to enter
invenire to find
invitae invite
ipse himself, herself
ira anger
iratus angry
eo, ire to go
is, ea, id he, she, it
ita in this way
itaque and so
iter journey
iterum again
iubeo to order
iuvenis young man
labor work
laborare to work
lacrimare to cry
lartus happy
laudare to praise
lego to read
legio legion
lente slowly
leo lion
libenter gladly
liber book
liberi children
liberare to set free
libertus freedman
locus place
longus long
loquor to speak
locutus having spoken
Created by: ellie.