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review from game in class

Lowest point of WBC depression after therapy that has toxic effects on bone marrow nadir
Altered mental status, elevated temp, cool & clammy skin, decreased UOP, hypotension, tachycardia, tachypnea septic shock clinical findings
Loss of body wt, adipose tissue, visceral protein, & skeletal muscle cachexia
Cancers of committed lymphocytes rather than stem cell precursors as in leukemia lymphomas
Focus of care is on patient, family, symptom control, and quality of life when cure is no longer possible palliative/hospice care
Percentage of total blood volume consisting of RBCs hematocrit
Uncontrolled proliferation of immature cells from lymphoid stem cell acute lymphocytic leukemia
s/sx include hyporeflexia, n/v, constipation, polydipsia, & dysrhythmias hypercalcemia
iron= containing protein of RBCs delivers O2 to tissues hemoglobin
temporary or permanent thinning of or complete loss of hair alopecia
most common feature is uncontrolled production of immature WBCs in bone marrow leukemia
test performed to evaluate s/sx of hepatic failure in pt liver function test
protein on membrane of cancer cells tumor-specific antigen
engorged & distended jugular, temporal & arm veins superior vena cava syndrome clinical findings
increase of dietary animal proteins, eggs, & dairy products, & monitor b12 & folic acid levels vit B12 anemia interventions
opiod analgesixs, oral or IV hydration, O2, removal of constrictive clothing, extremity circulation checks & q1 hr sickle cell crisis interventions
identify high risk clients, administer 1 mg of folic acid daily & provide diet high in folic acid & B12 folic acid deficiency interventions
increase in number of cells of a tissue; most often associated with periods of rapid body growth hyperplasia
neck vein distension during inspiration & compensatory tachycardia pericardial effusion & cardiac tamponade clinical finding
undesirable immune response initiated by T lymphocytes of donor tissue against recipient’s tissue graft-versus-host disease (GVHD
prolonged bleeding from venipuncture & injection sites & bleeding from gums disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) clinical finding
Primitive WBC blast cell
Investigate to find the cause, oral intake of iron rich foods, iron supplements, & vitamin C iron deficiency anemia interventions
Presence of Reed Sternberg cell upon biopsy Hodgkin's disease clinical findings
Defect in stem cell that differentiate into all myeloid cells acute myeloid leukemia
Dry oral cavity resulting from decreased function of salivary glands xerostomia
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