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SALT Botany Ch. 10


What are conifers classified as angiosperms or gymnosperms? gymnosperms
What type of tree is the most famous in the world? giant sequoia
What is the oldest living tree on earth called? Methuselah
What is an evergreen? A tree that is green all winter long
What is the oldest type of tree on earth called? bristlecone pines
Name the three kinds of leaves found on conifers. needle-like, scale-like, and awl-like
What are the two different kinds of cones a conifer makes? pollen cones and seed cones
How is a forest fire beneficial to a forest? The decayed remains of burned trees fertilize the soil, and the cleared landscape becomes home to a larger variety of plant species than before.
What trees give evidence for the Bible's account of the worldwide Flood. bristlecone pine
A female ginkgo must be at least 20 years old before it can make seeds - True or False True
The male ginkgo is more valuable because its fleshy interior creates a terrible odor - True or False False
Name two other gymnosperms that are not conifers. cycad and ginkgo
What does conifer mean? cone-bearer
What do junipers bear and what do they produce? bear flowers and produce fruit
The yew plant makes cones - True or False False
What is an aril? a fleshy covering for the seed that looks a lot like a frut on the yew plant
Arils of a yew plant are quite poisonous to eat, but can be effective in the treatmemt of certain cancers - True or False True
Which type of cone contains the eggs? seed cones
What does the pollen cone contain? pollen
How are conifer tress often shaped? like a skinny "A"
Do evergreens lose their leaves? If so, how do they do this? They do lose their leaves, just not all at once. Throughout the year they lose some leaves and then new leaves grow back to replace them.
Gymnosperm trees are often called what kind of tree? softwood trees
Angiosperm trees are often called what kind of tree? hardwood trees
About when did the worldwide Flood occur? 4,700 years ago
What did the first Spanish explorer call the redwood trees? "palo colorado" which means "red tree"
Think about this chapter and what you thought was interesting and why.
Created by: sandyb