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Les. 7 Vocab

きく to listen, to hear / to ask
つかう to use
まつ to wait for
つつむ to wrap
よぶ to call, to summon, invite
しぬ to die
いそぐ to hurry, to be in a hurry
たつ to stand up
やくにたつ to be helpful, to be useful
がんばる to try one's best, to persevere
たつがる to be saved, be helped out
あがる to go up to/ enter a japanese house
はいる to enter, go into
いれる to put, pour/ to make
つける to attach, put / to turn on
あげる to give
さしあげる to give (superior)
こたえる to answer
りんご apple
みかん orange, tangerine
メロン melon
リポン ribbon
ラジオ radio
テープ tape
ラポ language laboratory
きっぶ ticket
さんこうしょ reference book
おたく other's house (polite)
こうえん park
こちら this way, direction
そちら that way, direction
あちら that way, direction
いつ when
いくつ how many
ちょっと a bit, a little
どうも indeed, somehow
また again
ゆっくり slowly
おもしろい interesting
つまらない uninteresting, bored, trivial, worthless
そして and, and then
くだもの fruit
Created by: PandaPez