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8th Grade Greek & La

Spring Mid-term Test G&L

CANIS dog (L)
FELES cat (L)
LEON lion (G)
EQUUS horse (L)
CABALLUS horse (L)
HIPPOS horse (G)
PORCUS pig, hog, swine (L)
AVIS bird (L)
GREX/GREGIS flock, herd drove, group, troop, company (L)
OMNIS each, every, all (L)
AMPHI both (G)
AMBI on both sides, around, surround (L)
EU well, good, pleasant (G)
MALUS bad, ugly, evil, ill (L)
E/EX out of; beyond; from; former (L)
ARCHOS chief, principal, primitive (G)
ARCHUS bow, arc (L)
CIRCUM around, about (L)
KYKLOS ring, circle, wheel (G)
PERI around (G)
THEOS god (G)
DEUS god (L)
DIVINUS god-like (L)
HOMO-HOMINIS man, human being (L)
ANTHROPOS man, man-kind, humankind (G)
VIR man, manly, masculine (L)
FEMINA woman (L)
INFANS/INFANTIS inability to speak (L)
SCHOLE leisure, freetime (G)
LUDO/LUSUS play, mock (L)
IATROS doctor, physician, comforter (G)
MEDICUS physician (L)
SANUS healthy, not diseased or injured (L)
HOLOS whole, entire, complete (G)
RHINOS nose, snout (G)
CORNU horn (L)
DERMA skin, hide, shell (G)
CUTIS skin, hide (L)
COR/CORDIS heart (L)
DORSUM back (L)
ATHLON prize, award (G)
AGON contest, struggle, trial (G)
DROMOS race course, runway, running (G)
MONS/MONTIS mountain (L)
HUMUS earth, soil (L)
FOLIUM leaf (L)
SAL/SALIS salt (L)
MARE sea, ocean (L)
Created by: LiseBrinkley