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exam 3

chp 10-11-12-13

which organs contain BETA 2 Bronchial Tubes and Uterus
Which organs contain BETA 1 The Heart
Which Organs contain AlPHA 1 Iris of the eyes and blood vessels
The neurotransmitter that is secreted by cholinergicfiber acetylcholine (ACh)
The neuro transmitter that is secreted by adrenergic fiber norepinephrine
which branch of the autonomic system is refered to as "fight or flight" sympathetic
Define dermatone area of skin where nerve intergrates
which branch of autonomic system is refered to as "feed and breed" parasympathetic
the lumbar sacral plexus contains the sciatic nerve
the bracial plexus consist of axillary region C5-C8 and T1 around the shoulder
The cevical plexus consist of neck, face, throat C1-C4 contains phrenic C2 intervates the diaphram
the three classifications of nerve plexus cervical, lumbarsacral, brachial
the different types of reflexes are whithdrawl (somatic) pupillary (autonomic) blood pressure (autonomic) Babinski (somatic) Knee Jerk (somatic)
the 5 components of the reflex arc stimulation -> goes through sensory fibers (aferent) ->Intergrating center (decides what to do) -> goes to the ventral root (efferent motor)= REACTION
The fibers found in white matter of the spinal cord sensory tracts ascending (up) and decending (down)
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